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Jimmy Kimmel Weighs in on Donald Trump Jr. Scandal

News that Donald Trump Jr. had an affair with Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day broke with a fervor on Tuesday. On his late night show, host Jimmy Kimmel delighted in the news, dropping in shout-outs to P. Diddy and others. After all, it was Diddy who brought O’Day into mainstream music by making her the front woman of the new pop group Danity Kane. Kimmel used a sizable portion of his monologue to reflect on the tempestuous affair, which almost ruined the president’s elder son’s marriage. Since the break-up of the short-lived affair, O’Day has alluded to it through cryptic tweets. She even titled one of her songs “DJT”. Eventually, however, it seems that the Trump family intervened to stop the bombastic affair.

Kimmel gleefully referred to the manner in which the Trump son and the singer met, which occurred on the show “Celebrity Apprentice” during 2011. The late-night host even pulled up pictures of stormy Daniels and O’Day, comparing the two women to one another. He also took some time out to joke about the show itself, which he laughingly referred to as “Tinder” for the family. Although Kimmel often voiced his displeasure about news items, this was one that the host couldn’t stop laughing about. With stars such as Clay Aiken weighing in online, Kimmel was far from the only entertainer to use this material on Tuesday.