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Director Kevin Smith Talks About His Heart Attack

One of the most popular directors of comedy movies over the past 20 years has been Kevin Smith. He made a name of himself by writing, directing and appearing in the classic comedy “Clerks” in 1994. He then went on to have a very successful career writing and directing many comedy films. He has also written many comic books over the years. Keven has decided to try his hand at stand-up comedy recently. He suffered a heart attack shortly before a stand-up comedy show. He was rushed the hospital where his life was saved.

Smith recently sat down with the “Today Show” for his first interview since that fateful day two months ago when his life almost ended. Smith said that he did not realize he was having a heart attack while it was happening. He was not having the chest pains that are typically associated with cardiac arrest. He did not find out that he was having a heart attack until he was already on the table in the operating room. At that point, he became very scared. Smith was terrified that he might die.

Kevin has now lost more than 30 pounds in the two months since he had the heart attack. He wants to lose 40 more. He feels that the heart attack was a blessing in disguise. It forced him to start paying more attention to his diet and his overall health. Kevin says that he has been very blessed in life and he has so much to be grateful for.