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Demi Moore Still Has Her First Big Celebrity Purchase

Demi Moore recently stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s Late Show to chat about her career, but in between bits of information about her acting roles, the two discussed a variety of other topics – from how her name is pronounced to Fallon’s friendship with Demi Lovato. After deciding that they were going to be best friends from now on, Fallon had one question that made her think: what was her first big purchase after making money as an actress.


Moore only had to think for a moment before revealing that her first extravagant purchase was a car. “A sea foam green 450SL Mercedes,” to be exact. Moore even recalled that this purchase was made when car phones, the kind screwed into the console before the days of cell phones, were becoming popular and it was quite the big deal that she had one.


Best of all? Moore added that she even still has that Mercedes, and that the car phone might even still be operational. Jokingly, Fallon agreed to call her a few times this summer to see if it still works while she’s driving around town.


Of course, the actress also revealed that wasn’t her first car. Her first car was a little less glamorous. She told Fallon it was actually an old Volkswagen that had lawn chairs in the back to act as the back seat and a hole in the floorboards. A brand new car was certainly a step up for a young actress. Nowadays, she can afford to be even more extravagant if she wants to.


You can catch Demi Moore on the big screen in the comedy Rough Night, hitting theaters on June 16.



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