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David Letterman Says He Stayed On Late Night Television ‘Too Long’

One of the interesting things about David Letterman’s Netflix talk show “And My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” is that it has given the normally private former late night talk show host to discuss his private life and even occasionally his feelings.


Each episode of Letterman’s hour-long show features him talking to a celebrity guest and a recent taping at Netflix’s FYSee exhibition space at Raleigh Studios was a freewheeling discussion with comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The two comedians had known each other for nearly forty years and their level of familiarity led them to discuss their careers and some of the regrets they have about their respective shows.


Letterman admitted that he had probably stayed on broadcast television too long. According to Letterman, when you’re on a show like his “Late Show” CBS talker, it’s easy to get caught up in the process and the success and not realize there’s more to life than the show and how well it’s doing. He went on to say that he had wished he had quit earlier because he feels as if he needs to do something to improve the world, but he’s too old and tired to pursue it now.


Letterman also dismissed claims that he had changed the face of late night television, arguing that many of the crazy comedy bits he did weren’t really innovation but the result of scrambling to stay on the air. He argued that late night talk shows are niche programming a lot of the process involved in putting it together is really nothing more than just filling time. Despite evidence to the contrary, Letterman says that viewers confused his desperation with an attempt to be innovative.


You Can’t Keep Letterman Down, He’s Back and Bringing Laughter to Netflix

David Letterman rose to fame as a comedian and had 33 years on late night television interviewing celebrities, athletes, politicians, and even a few animals on his popular show Late Night with David Letterman. He helped create the culture and demand for late night talk show. After stepping down from his reign as one of the most prominent comedians on TV in May of 2015, Letterman enjoyed some much-needed downtime for as long as he could stand it and now he is ready to get back to what he loves- interviewing people while sharing some laughs.

Starting on January 12, 2018, David Letterman is back in the game with his new Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. He is starting with a bang, his first guest is none other than Barack Obama. The first episode is sure to garner a lot of attention. The best part of the series is that it gives fans the access to Letterman any day, any time thanks to Netflix’s on-demand platform. Another perk is that Letterman still can enjoy his retirement years, do what he loves, and not have to be on set nightly as he had to in the past. Sounds like a winning combination for sure. Viewers can expect big-name guests, plenty of jokes, a hint of seriousness, and no shortage of amusing banter.

David Letterman Enjoys His Beard and Trips to CVS

People across American are familiar with David Letterman. For decades, this late night television host visited the living rooms of Americans to bring celebrity guests, silly stunts, and Top 10 lists to adults after the kids went to bed. However, Letterman recently ended his hosting gig. During his tenure on the air, he shared 4,600 Top 10 lists, interviewed 20,000 guests, and sat behind his television desk for 6,000 evenings. Now retired, Letterman sports a beard and is happy to enjoy life at a slower pace.


Many fans of David Letterman are curious about the recent beard. Mr. Letterman claims his beard began simply out of laziness. He says it was nice to stop shaving. However, he admits that the beard eventually evolved into meaning something more. Speculating on this thought, Mr. Letterman said recently, “The beard is a good reminder to me that [hosting] was a different life. I’m hopeful that I will either find something else, or something else will be presented to me.” Meanwhile, Letterman says his family has given up on trying to get him to ditch the beard. Letterman even admits, “My son thinks it’s creepy.”


Beard and all, Letterman is enjoying his retirement. He reports that he is able to take casual trips to CVS and Walgreens. He admits he hasn’t been able to do this since the 1980s. So keep your eyes open for a famous man sporting a beard the next time you pick up some medicine. You just might see David Letterman!