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Conan O’Brien Heads to Italy to Record His Show

Conan O’Brien has been hosting a late night show since 1993. He has done his show from many locations during that time. He made a famous trip to Cuba after Americans were legally allowed to go there. He has also brought his show to Mexico on a couple of occasions. Haiti was another interesting destination for the red-haired comedian. He refers to this series of shows in foreign countries as “Conan Without Borders.” In the latest installment of the series, Conan travels to Italy and the results are pretty much what you would expect.

The episode of the TBS show “Conan” where he travels to Italy has not aired yet. However, Conan did share a few pics and short videos as he usually does when he goes to foreign countries. He is seen taking an Italian language lesson. He also mingles with some of the local Italian people who have no idea who he is. These are always very funny moments in these specials that fans seem to love. Conan made no advance announcement that he was going to Italy. This is usually how he handles the foreign trips.

Conan will never tell people where he will be filming the segments of his show on the street. This is because he wants to catch people by surprise. He does not want a bunch of his fans to show up. TBS has not released a statement indicating when the “Conan Without Borders” special in Italy will air. However, past specials have aired within two months.

Conan O’Brien to Promote Google Mobile Games

Conan O’Brien has had a lot of fun with the fact that he is not a very good video game player. Viewers have loved the frequent segments on his show that demonstrate how inept he is when it comes to playing video games. Therefore, it should not come as a shock that Google Play has entered into an agreement with Conan O’Brien and TBS to promote their games on Conan’s show during the next year. There will also be promotion that will be done on the Team Coco Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is likely that Conan and his writers will find a way to work Google’s mobile games into some of his bits. This will allow Conan to plug the games in a humorous manner so viewers do not feel like they are watching a commercial for Google Play.

The contract that Google Play has with TBS states that Conan is not allowed to promote other mobile gaming companies for the next year. However, the show can feature console games in various segments. Conan has a popular “clueless gamer” segment where he attempts to play different games. He usually does this with a guest. Therefore, the show already has an established history of mentioning video games on a regular basis. This means that Conan’s audience will not find it odd when Conan suddenly starts talking about Google Play frequently on his show. Conan has said that he wants to make more content that is specifically designed for mobile device users.

Conan O’Brien Plays “Assassins Creed Origins” With Aaron Rodgers

Conan O’Brien is back with another episode of his “Clueless Gamer” series. In this latest episode, O’Brien gets to try out the highly anticipated game “Assassin’s Creed Origins” on the Xbox One.

Conan first introduces his star co-host for this week’s segment: Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Before the two start playing “Assassins Creed Origins,” O’Brien asks Rodgers about his recent injury. Rodgers says he was playing against the Vikings when he got tackled hard and slammed the left side of his body. It took 13 screws to repair Rodgers’s collarbone.

After this brief introduction, O’Brien asks his friend and tech expert Aaron Bleyaert to tell him what “Assassins Creed” is all about. Bleyaert says this is the 10th anniversary of the “Assassins Creed” franchise and this new game takes place all the way back in Ancient Egypt.

O’Brien and Rodgers start to fight a melee battle near the Sphinx in Egypt. All of the sudden, Conan’s character goes into “God Mode,” which basically means he can’t be harmed by any other player. Conan says his character looks like he’s imitating a chicken.

In the next scene, Conan’s character is riding in a chariot through cobblestone streets. At one point, Conan rams his horses into a brick wall and the screen suddenly freezes.

A few moments later, O’Brien and Rodgers watch a scene in which a poor farmer asks for help. Believe it or not, the farmer says that one of his friends was killed by a hippo. O’Brien and Rodgers just can’t contain themselves once the farmer mentions this.

But Conan isn’t laughing for much longer once a bunch of hippos start attacking him on the screen. Conan has to fight off three massive hippos, which, for obvious reasons, reminds him of the children’s game Hungry Hungry Hippos.

This incredibly popular video has already received well over one million views on YouTube.

Conan O’Brien Takes His Show To San Diego Comic-Con

Late night talk show host Conan O’Brien is taking his late night talk show to the nerd-friendly San Diego Comic-Con this week and as you might expect, the shows have been filled with lots of unexpected moments.

On Wednesday, O’Brien spoke with Will Smith about the new movie “Bright,” as well as “Supernatural” stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Smith was joined by “Bright” co-stars Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry and director David Ayer. The movie, which premieres on Netflix in December, was described by Smith as having “the energy of Training Day meets Lord of the Rings.” The “Supernatural” discussion was predictably unstructured and it was topped off with the group celebrating Padalecki’s birthday with a traditional keg stand.

Thursday night’s show featured the cast of the new movie “Kingsman: The Golden Cirle,” and much of the talk revolved around the nicknames given to each other by the cast. The names were all names of drinks and Colin Firth said he was pretty happy with his nickname, “Tequila.” Co-star Jeff Bridges complained that he wasn’t pleased by his nickname, “Champagne,” and he asked everyone to call him “Champ.”

Firth also shrugged off questions about his character, who appeared to have died in the first Kingsman movie. Firth’s character, Harry, appears in the new movie’s trailer and Firth told O’Brien he continues to insist he only appears in the trailer. Singer Elton John also appears in the movie, although the assembled cast all claimed they had never met him in person.

O’Brien will wrap up his week at Comic-Con with interviews of the casts from “Game Of Thrones” and the “Lego Ninjago Movie.”

Conan O’Brien Will Host Non-Late Night Shows

Conan O’Brien has been hosting late night TV shows since 1993 when he inherited the “Late Night” show from David Letterman on NBC. He now handles the late night duties on TBS. O’Brien has been one of the pioneers of embracing YouTube as a method of promoting his show and reaching a larger audience than would ever be able to find him on TBS. The cable network recently announced a new agreement that will see O’Brien continue to helm his late night show for another four years. However, his new contract is much more comprehensive than it has been in the past.


O’Brien will also be involved in creating various programs that will air in prime time. He will also produce original content for live shows, mobile games and podcasts. He will still continue to stay involved with YouTube because it is a platform that he has enjoyed remarkable success with in the past. O’Brien realizes that the late night landscape has changed dramatically over the past 24 years since he first came on the scene as a virtually unknown comedy writer. He feels that it is important to keep his show evolving in order for it to stay relevant. He wants to be able to reach people in the ways they are currently using to watch TV. Technology is a huge part of his new contract with TBS. O’Brien has said that millions of people watch his show without ever tuning their TV to TBS. That is why the online world will play such a huge role in the future of his show.


O’Brien has become known for traveling to foreign countries that other late night hosts would never even consider visiting. He made a very famous trip to Cuba in 2015 and became the first American late night host to set foot in the country. The host has confirmed that these trips will continue on a regular basis over the course of his new contract.




Conan O’Brien Has Special Guest Wonder Woman Dance On His Show

It’s been over 40 years since actress Lynda Carter took the stage to play Wonder Woman. Now, the new generation will get a glimpse of yet another woman playing the infamous superstar. The new movie is being released on June 2nd. Audiences across the country are waiting to see how Gal Gadot can compare with the previous superhero. To promote her new movie, Gadot went on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Thursday, May 25th. Fans thought it was just going to be a plug for the movie, but they got a real treat.


The segment showed the star recreating a training moment with the late-night host. The setup was similar to the ones that she has been using to train for the new movie. One thing is for sure, Gadot does a super job on dancing. If her moves on the talk show are any indication of the movie, we are all in for a real treat. Gadot did a traditional Jewish dance to the infamous song “Hava Nagila.”


Wonder woman is making a comeback. If you have been in any department stores, you will find that there are shirts, nightgowns, hats, and even jewelry with this vintage hero’s picture. The highly-anticipated movie is expected to bring audiences, of all ages, in droves to the theater. Gadot, so far, has done an excellent job filling Carter’s shoes. Since most of the younger generation has not seen Carter in action, they will likely embrace Gadot and her acting abilities.


Late Night Star Conan O’Brien Says His Least Favorite Guest Was Al Roker

Hilarious late night talk show host Conan O’Brien recently made an appearance on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” show. While being interviewed by Cohen, O’Brien revealed his least favorite celebrity to interview: NBC’s Al Roker.


Conan admitted his dislike of Roker during a game segment entitled “Plead the Fifth.” During this game, Conan was asked three questions and could only refuse to answer one of them.


When asked which celebrity Conan most disliked interviewing in his long career as a talk show host, he instantly paused and thought for a moment. After a few seconds, O’Brien admitted that Al Roker was just “too fake” and that he didn’t enjoy interviewing him. Conan went on to say that Roker is “too happy all the time.”


Conan also complained that it was hard to actually talk to Roker on his TV program. “I kept trying to crack him,” Conan said, “and he wouldn’t do it!”


The star TBS’ late night show Conan said that Roker was a huge backstage diva. Indeed, Conan called Roker an “absolute monster” behind the scenes. Apparently, Conan and Roker haven’t talked since their last interview years ago.


O’Brien then turned the question around and asked Andy Cohen for his worst guest. Cohen said he most disliked interviewing Mariah Carey.


The first question Cohen asked O’Brien was whether he would shag, marry, or kill three popular TV hosts: Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and James Corden. Conan decided to kill Kimmel, shag Corden, and marry Fallon.


The last question O’Brien was asked was what he would say to Jay Leno if he ever sat next to him on a flight. O’Brien said he would probably just be watching an in-flight movie like “The Goonies” and totally disregard Leno.


O’Brien didn’t choose to “plead the fifth” on any of these questions.


Pixies Perform “Bel Esprit” on CONAN

Legendary alt-rock band The Pixies showed off their new single, “Bel Esprit,” on Conan Thursday night, April 27, 2017.


“Bel Esprit” is a verbal pas de deux between Pixies frontman Black Francis and the group’s bassist, Paz Lenchantin. Lenchantin stepped in to replace Kim Shattuck, whose brief tenure as a Pixie spanned June-November 2013. Shattuck had been hastily brought in to fill in for original Pixies bassist Kim Deal.


The Pixies have released two studio albums since the group re-formed in 2004. A previous album, 2014’s “Indie Cindy,” was almost universally panned by fans and critics. The group released their album “Head Carrier” on September 30, 2016.


“This was feeling very much like our comeback record as opposed to ‘Indie Cindy,’ which felt like a transitional moment even when we were making it,” Francis said to a reporter for Rolling Stone. Music critics, including NPR’s Jason Heller, agree.


Originally formed in Boston in 1986, the original Pixies lineup of Francis, Deal, Joey Santiago, and David Lovering played together off and on through 1993. That year, Kim Deal reached some of her greatest commercial success not as a Pixie, but as the lead singer/guitarist of The Breeders with her twin sister Kelley Deal. The Breeders’ album “Last Splash” reached platinum status thanks in part to lead-off single “Cannonball.”


Although never very commercially successful, the Pixies have been greatly influential on other hard rock, pop-rock, and indie-rock groups through the 1990s and beyond. One pop culture claim to fame is the appearance of the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?” on the soundtrack to the 1999 film “Fight Club,” played over the movie’s ending credits.


Conan O’Brien and Vicente Fox: A Comedy Dream Team

Conan O’Brien’s show took its act on the road recently, and the resulting Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico episodes have had everyone talking. Especially considering the recent political climate, it has been interesting to see America’s favorite late-night redhead bonding with friends across the border. In one of his most talked-about segments from south of the border, O’Brien interviewed former Mexican president Vicente Fox.

Right off the bat, it immediately became clear that this would be no standard interview. Vicente Fox presented Conan O’Brien with a pair of beautiful leather cowboy boots with a humorous epithet etched into them. From then, the two went on to talk about Fox’s well-known Twitter war with President Donald J. Trump. While O’Brien joked that he probably wouldn’t be allowed back into the United States, Fox went on to praise all of the many ways in which the Mexican people have been an asset to the United States.

As the audience cheered him on, Fox compared the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico to that of roommates. He also made claims that undocumented Mexican workers had worked for both the Bush family and the Trumps. When Fox joked about how white O’Brien looked, O’Brien made a humorous quip about how he had starred in a telenovela.

All in all, O’Brien’s trip down to Mexico seems to have been exceptionally fortuitous. Not only do the Mexican people seem to love him, but he’s also filmed segments with some of their favorite folks—including Gio Dos Santos. During Fox’s visit to the show, O’Brien also mentioned that it is impossible to walk around Los Angeles without noticing all of the wonderful cultural contributions that have been made by Mexicans.

Once again, some of the “guy/gal on the street segments” proved to be comedy gold for O’Brien. Also, it should be noted that O’Brien accomplished an outstanding, incredible feat when he performed his opening monologue entirely in Spanish. It’s difficult to think of any other late-night hosts who could have taken on this tremendous task, and O’Brien was able to come through the entire experience with flying colors.

Conan Gets Made in Mexico

Conan O’Brien was on the road again; this time to Mexico. Wednesday night, the late-night talk show, Conan, aired a special remote titled Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico. O’Brien’s entire show traveled to and filmed in Mexico. It used a Mexican staff, studio, audience, and guests (Diego Luna and Vicente Fox). And like all of O’Brien’s travel episodes, it turned out pretty great.

Conan’s greatest skill as a comedian is his ability to relate to so many different people through using himself as the point of ridicule. He makes himself the butt of jokes, rather than poking fun at a different culture than his own. By ingratiating himself to the outsiders in this way, he becomes the outsider in the foreign land, allowing the television audience to relate to the people he is meeting.

Just in recent travel episodes, Conan has made his way to South Korea, Germany, Cuba, and now Mexico. Each time, he explores the culture he thrusts himself into. In Mexico, that meant meeting a lucha libre wrestler and joining the cast of a telenovela.

O’Brien’s comedy never ventures into politics. That isn’t his thing. But it was obvious that his trip to Mexico was to help prove a point, even if it was an obvious one. These people are normal, nice people! We don’t need a wall between the United States and Mexico. One of his funnier about-town segments saw him panhandling for money for the wall, which Mexican citizens excitedly turned down. Again, he was the butt of the joke here, not the citizens he was talking to. Either that, or Donald Trump was the joke without Conan even uttering anything remotely political.