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Glen Wakeman: Establishing LaunchPad Holdings LLC

Glen Wakeman is a hard working entrepreneur who co-founded an investment and financial firm called the LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Being a businessman and an entrepreneur himself, he knew how to handle the company and he is one of the reasons why it ended up being successful. Glen Wakeman is currently serving as the company’s CEO, and his unique style of leadership have benefited the company and its employees, because LaunchPad Holdings LLC keeps on reaching new heights and beating previous records constantly. The company is thriving and growing under the supervision of Glen Wakeman, and the people working for the LaunchPad Holdings LLC attributed it to his ability to know where the company should focus during the times of distress and being illogical.

The mentoring skills that Glen Wakeman developed through the years have also helped the company into reaching its present standing today. Without the talent of mentoring, the people working for the LaunchPad Holdings LLC would still feel novice and would not feel confident about what they are doing. However, it was Glen Wakeman who inspired them the most, telling them to focus on leading the company and helping each other for them to reach their goals in life. Glen Wakeman also has the gift of transforming businesses from a small startup to a thriving one. His entrepreneurial skills are being shared to the public by giving free advices on how they can make their business grow.

LaunchPad Holdings LLC was launched in 2015, and the main reason why Glen Wakeman chose to establish the company is being he have seen that there is a lot of entrepreneurs who are clueless about the industry they are trying to infiltrate. Glen Wakeman wanted to help them out by establishing a center that would enable the entrepreneurs to learn something. Glen Wakeman understands how hard it is to manage your own company without any external help, so now that he is on top, he wanted to share his knowledge to a vast majority of individuals who are still longing for assistance and mentoring on how they can transform their business and make it a profitable one.