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Katie Couric Watches Jimmy Kimmel Undergo His First Age 50 Colonoscopy

You could say that late night TV’s Jimmy Kimmel chose the perfect, high-profile buddy to help him through his first procedure.

He was feeling a bit fearful, but she assured him that it was necessary and not a big deal.

Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” featured a different kind of “funny,” and it involved colonoscopy expert Katie Couric. That’s right; the “Stand Up To Cancer” friend coached the late night television host in the colonoscopy procedure. The bit was educational, clever and hilarious. Check out the pair here.

Kimmel is not wild about hospitals and doesn’t enter them too often if he doesn’t have to. The last time he was there was for an emergency appendectomy and left as fast as he could the next day.

Couric was honored to escort the funnyman to his colonoscopy appointment and for him bringing attention to colonoscopies and colon cancer. Kimmel talked about turning age 50 at his Twitter account and how Couric approached him to “celebrate.”

Watching Kimmel down his first prep beverage before the procedure is very funny. Couric laughed and poured herself a large glass of red wine.

She was televised in 2000 for her own live colonoscopy procedure. Couric had lost her former husband Jay to the cancer, so she wanted to help the public learn about early detection. She told Jimmy Kimmel that he is saving lives by showing the world that the medical procedure is not that bad, and anyone can handle it.