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An 18-Year-Old Student Discovers Possible Cure for Cancer in Chia Seeds

There have been a lot of expectations put on the new generation of young people who are getting ready to enter the workforce. The world is in crisis, and we need the best and the brightest minds to lead us through this time of trouble, and Oliver Cloutier is going to be one of them. In fact, he already is.

Cloutier is only 18-years-old but has already accomplished more than most by studying chia seeds of all things. The young student had heard about supposed health and nutritional benefits the small seeds provided, so he decided to further investigate the ancient claims.

He extensively studied the history of chia seeds and how it was used in certain practices, some of which dated back thousands of years. And it turns out the ancients knew what hey were talking about. Cloutier found something he never expected when discovering chia seeds contained a molecule which could prove extremely effective at treating cancer.

Specific extracts from chia seeds have special cancer-fighting capabilities by inhibiting cells responsible for creating the disease according to Marcio Alaor BMG. The up-and-coming researcher is busy finding applications to his findings by developing a treatment using the amazing extracts found during his experiments with chia seeds.

The research also landed Cloutier a full college scholarship and first place in the Hydro-Quebec Science Expo last month.