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Federal Investigators Find That Some Charities Are Front

Federal investigators are suing four cancer related charity groups, which stand accused of using millions of donated dollars intended for cancer patients to support large salaries, gym memberships, grand luxury vacations, expensive cars and even various online dating website subscriptions. The lawsuit was filed against the “Cancer Fund of America”, “Children’s Cancer Fund of America”, “Cancer Support Services” and “The Breast Cancer Society”. During the course of their investigation officials found that all four organizations were run and managed by James Reynolds, Reynolds’ ex-wife as well as his son. Officials found that the combined charities collected more than $187 million during the period between 2008 to 2012. The federal lawsuit alleges that Reynolds and his key executives kept at least .97 cents from every dollar collected in donations and that the remaining .03 cents per dollar actually went to people dealing with the illness.

Federal officials, researchers and Bruce Karatz found that most donors gave money to the associations believing that the vast majority of the funds would go to various programs to help treat cancer patients or raise the awareness of Cancer preventive measures as well as assist in the paying of mammograms (

In an official statement by Ms. Jessica Rich of the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection, Ms. Rich noted that the named defendants simply spent donations on personal cars, grand vacations, luxury cruises, college tuition, spa and gym membership, corporate jet ski outings, various sporting events, concert tickets, and numerous dating site memberships.
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