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Lawrence Bender’s Movie ‘White Man’s Burden’

Lawrence Bender is a celebrated American movie producer. He was born in the year 1957 in Bronx, New York, USA. He was born to two Jewish parents. His mother was a kindergarten teacher while his father was a college history professor. His original names are Lawrence Kirk Bender. So far, Lawrence Bender has been in the industry of entertainment for over 20 years. He has engineered a variety of movies. Some include the excellent hunting will, Safe, Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms, An Inconvenient Truth, Reservoir Dogs, Django and Inglorious Bastards among others. Bender attended Cherry Hill School East. While still in high school, he envied to be like his grandfather. His granddad was a civil engineer. When he completed his secondary education, he joined the University of Maine. He registered and enrolled in a civil engineering course. In 1957, Lawrence Bender graduated with a degree in civil engineering.

Bender decided to do civil engineering because he had previously heard that the field had plenty of job opportunities. While still on campus, Bender got attracted to dancing. So, after graduating Bender pursued this passion in dancing for several years. Lawrence was able to visit most parts of the United States where he and his colleagues performed in many shows. Something unexpected happened. Lawrence Bender sustained a critical injury that saw him quit dancing. He decided to pursue another career. Today, Lawrence Bender is a hero to most Americans because of the many movies that he has produced and have been aired on our televisions. With his proven experience, Lawrence Bender produced the film white man’s burden’.

The movie’s storyline is in alternative America where black Americans are members of the social elite. On the other hand, the whites inhabit the inner city ghettos. We meet Louis Pinnock who is employed at a chocolate plant. He is a father of two kids and a loving husband. One event occurs when Louis delivers a package for one black man Thaddeus Thomas. Accidentally, he is mistaken for a voyeur. He eventually lost his job and later beaten by black cops. To make matters worse, his family gets evicted from their home. In return, Pinnock kidnaps the black CEO Thomas with a gun and demands that he be served true justice.

Mandy Moore Is In A Stranger’s Shower

Considering she’s made a career out of singing and acting, Mandy Moore is probably no stranger to seeing her face used to sell plenty of merchandise. The latest place her likeness has popped up isn’t on a piece of her own sanctioned “merch,” but on the wall of someone’s new home.


The This Is Us actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show to discuss her role in the new thriller 47 Meters Down, which sees her spending a lot of time underwater with costar Claire Holt as they take on sharks in a failed cage diving trip. Her likeness has also been spotted in a place that sees plenty of water, and Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t wait to ask her about it.


He brought up something the New York Post had featured in the past – a social media post from someone whose friends had recently bought an apartment in Queens that featured a mosaic of Mandy Moore on the shower’s wall. When Kimmel jokingly asked her if it was a new piece of merchandise she was selling, Moore told him that it wasn’t her doing.


Kimmel pressed, wondering if the image (which is a startlingly good likeness to the actress at 16 when she was participating in concert tours and singing “Candy”) was a compliment or if it was terrifying. Moore seemed to lean toward the latter as she asked, “is it?” in response to it being a compliment. She explained that given the image is one of her as a teenager in someone’s shower, it’s “a little disconcerting” to see. She admitted that she didn’t “know how to feel” about the artwork.


Seeing your favorite celebrity in your shower everyday does seem a little weird. To be fair, die-hard fans will go the extra mile to have a piece of their favorite celebrities in their lives, so perhaps, the image wasn’t initially meant to be creepy.


Madonna is next ‘Celebrity Karaoke’ Guest

Who knew James Corden would have such a big hit segment on his hand when he introduced “Carpool Karaoke” to ‘The Late Late Show’? The segment has become so popular, it even got its own primetime special in March of this year. Corden has managed to get popular guests like One Direction, Adele, and Michelle Obama on the show, and his latest is the queen of pop herself, Madonna.


“Carpool Karaoke” involves a bit in which Corden, who hosts ‘The Late Late Show,’ needs help getting to work. He calls on a famous friend to assist him and they chat in between bouts of singing along to his selection of music, which typically involves some of the guests own songs when they’re a musician. His most popular guest is Adele, whose youtube video for the segment has garnered more than 133 million views since it debuted in January.


Corden, who was recently in New York to host an event for the Ad Council’s Public Service Awards, appeared in an image Madonna shared on both her instagram and twitter accounts. She captioned the photo, “riding around Manhattan with this Hunk of Burning Love” and tagging “The Late Late Show,” fueling rumors that she would appear next. A producer for the show later shared the same image, confirming she would be the next guest.



Riding around Manhattan with this Hunk of Burning Love



Magical realism is described as something so surreal that invades something so detailed and happening. In the world of Impersonators, Sergio Cortes is the very definition. In fact, it’s so hard to believe he isn’t the rebirth of the sleek. He has a striking resemblance to Michael. He looks like him, talks like him, dresses like him and talks like him. On stage, he dances like him. In fact, many people don’t know he exists because they think he is the real deal. Still confused? Google Sergio Cortes and you will be directed to his videos on YouTube. Except they look Michaels. In fact, he has clocked over 1 billion views on YouTube. This feat has been achieved only by Platinum certified artists.
Sergio is a Spanish-born MJ impersonator who lives in Brazil. He was born 44 years ago in Barcelona Spain. As a young boy, he loved Michael. He listened to a lot of Jackson 5 records courtesy of his brother. When he entered puberty, he grew out his hair and started dressing like Michael. He was discovered by a journalist who hired him to act as a double. He has since embraced this identity.
From the age of 16, He started training every day to be like Michael. He watched many Michaels Videos and dress code. He has been training for 4 hours a day for years. This intense workout has crafted a personality who won’t settle till he gets enough. His shows appeal to both young and old. He gives the older generation a chance to relieve the 80s and the younger generation to experience Michael. He says this is his way of respecting the late King. He is undoubtedly continuing his legacy.
Cortes has an entirely professional crew. This team includes backup singers, four dancers, choreographers and a thoroughly efficient lights and audio team. He also has marketing and promotional department that organizes his shows. He is incredibly popular in Brazil where he works. His has a big fan base in Latin America and around the world. He has 17,000 followers on Facebook.
He lives in seclusion in Brazil. He has a few Friends and is reportedly a Doll Collector. He is rumored to be gay and a Buddhist. He is a known Mama’s boy. He is also said to be very humble. Its qualities like this that has shaped him.