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Lawrence Bender’s Movie ‘White Man’s Burden’

Lawrence Bender is a celebrated American movie producer. He was born in the year 1957 in Bronx, New York, USA. He was born to two Jewish parents. His mother was a kindergarten teacher while his father was a college history professor. His original names are Lawrence Kirk Bender. So far, Lawrence Bender has been in the industry of entertainment for over 20 years. He has engineered a variety of movies. Some include the excellent hunting will, Safe, Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms, An Inconvenient Truth, Reservoir Dogs, Django and Inglorious Bastards among others. Bender attended Cherry Hill School East. While still in high school, he envied to be like his grandfather. His granddad was a civil engineer. When he completed his secondary education, he joined the University of Maine. He registered and enrolled in a civil engineering course. In 1957, Lawrence Bender graduated with a degree in civil engineering.

Bender decided to do civil engineering because he had previously heard that the field had plenty of job opportunities. While still on campus, Bender got attracted to dancing. So, after graduating Bender pursued this passion in dancing for several years. Lawrence was able to visit most parts of the United States where he and his colleagues performed in many shows. Something unexpected happened. Lawrence Bender sustained a critical injury that saw him quit dancing. He decided to pursue another career. Today, Lawrence Bender is a hero to most Americans because of the many movies that he has produced and have been aired on our televisions. With his proven experience, Lawrence Bender produced the film white man’s burden’.

The movie’s storyline is in alternative America where black Americans are members of the social elite. On the other hand, the whites inhabit the inner city ghettos. We meet Louis Pinnock who is employed at a chocolate plant. He is a father of two kids and a loving husband. One event occurs when Louis delivers a package for one black man Thaddeus Thomas. Accidentally, he is mistaken for a voyeur. He eventually lost his job and later beaten by black cops. To make matters worse, his family gets evicted from their home. In return, Pinnock kidnaps the black CEO Thomas with a gun and demands that he be served true justice.

Roseanne Will Not Return Due to Tweet

Fans of Roseanne are deeply upset by the news that the sitcom will not be returning to ABC and Hulu. The classic sitcom has been treasured over the years, and the reboot became amazingly popular. However, the show has now been canceled over an offensive tweet from Roseanne Barr.



Outrage Over Tweet Leads to Cancellations



Anger over Roseanne Barr’s recent tweets has spread across the internet. Today, she tweeted about the former aide to President Obama. In her tweet, Roseanne stated that Valerie Jarrett looks like the offspring of the “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes”. Valerie Jarret is an African-American who was born in Iran. Roseanne soon deleted the offensive tweet and apologized. However, ABC and Hulu have both dropped Roseanne because of her racist remarks. These events have left fans offended and upset.



Brief History of the Show



Roseanne debuted during the late 1980s. The show became wildly successful as it was the only one of its kind. It was the first sitcom to give a gritty and realistic take on small-town family struggles and victories. Many episodes became cult classics. Roseanne created a world we all could live in and remember. The show lasted until 1997. Fans were upset about the way the show originally ended and had high hopes after its reboot. Today, those hopes were dashed.


 Roseanne has never shied away from controversial topics. However, Roseanne Barr was considered liberal back then. The sitcom highlighted on touchy issues such as homosexuality and transgender people. Her political ideals are on the opposite side of the spectrum these days.



The Future of Roseanne



ABC issued a statement calling the tweet repugnant and affirmed that the channel does not share the same views as Roseanne. Her future isn’t looking bright after her firing. It’s doubtable that she’ll ever work again. Due to her racist tweets, she has left Twitter altogether. Though the show will not continue, fans will always have the previous seasons to return to.

ABC Takes Quick Action Against Roseanne Barr’s Questionable Behavior

ABC performed a quick ruling against Roseanne Barr’s offensive tweets on Monday night after Barr tweeted offensive content in regards to Valerie Jarrett’s nationality. Barr atated something to the effect of Jarrett being the by product of a Planet of the Apes character and the Muslim brotherhood.


A couple of hours later ABC President, Channing Dungey cancelled any renewal of Roseanne Barr’s hit television show. Stating that Roseanne’s repeated offensive remarks are not held to the high standards of the ABC broadcasting family. This decision was swift in retribution and kind of surprising actually. Networks are uasually all about the ratings and bottom line, but it is refreshing to see that the network will not tolerate repeated bad behavior. It seems for too long that celebrities have been able to hold sway over public opinion with no real consequences for their actions except disgruntled personal opinions. Barr apparently apologized form the tweet, saying it was all a “bad joke” but it was too little, too late.Roseanne Bar


Honestly, I feel worse for the writers, cast, and crew that were working on the “Roseanne” show. She may not care, but all of those people are out of a job now because she couldn’t be a decent human being and not take the low road. I do not presume to know how Roseanne Barr’s mind works, but you would hope that she would think next time about the livelihood of those around her

Tiffany Haddish Was Made for Late Night Television

Tiffany Haddish has been able to build a career in the movie industry, but people that have not seen her on late night television are really missing out. She is someone that loves to have fun, and every time she appears on a talk show she is going to have some interesting story. People are amazed by her funny stories that she is willing to share so freely. Her stories are quite entertaining.


Tiffany has managed to land a spot on shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres, but one of her funniest appearances may be the time that she appeared on Jimmy Fallon and talked about her a bar mitzvah party that resulted in a death. All of these things are in her book, but the stories are so much funnier when she is there to tell these things in person. Jimmy Fallon has a lot of guests that are doing humorous things, but Tiffany just continues to bring the humor throughout the course of the interview. Jimmy could not hold back the laughter.


Haddish has been able to solidify herself as a person that everyone seems to love to see on the big screen, but she is a joy to watch just at those times when she is being interviewed as well. She had this personality that seems to just make people want to be around her. She doesn’t have to try very hard. Tiffany just has the personality that makes it easy for people to embrace her.

Hillary Duff Publicly Shames Belligerent Neighbor

While Hillary Duff might be nice enough to do a Disney Channel promotion if her neighbors ask nicely, she is not one to be crossed. Duff recently took to her social media accounts in order to screed against an unpleasant neighbor, for all her fans to see.


While the star of “Younger” had been in plenty of minor conflicts with her neighbor, Tuesday night saw things finally come to a head, with Duff venting on Instagram. Specifically, she sought advice from any New Yorkers regarding neighbors who constantly smoke cigarettes and other substances that leave a offensive stink lingering in the area. Duff’s posts included descriptions of how the neighbor has never needed to work due to moneyed parents and that he should properly dispose of his trash.


The tipping point was Duff returning home after a 15-hour shift without receiving any sleep the night before. Said sleeplessness was attributed to the neighbor’s raucous behavior. Beyond digitally defacing some of the neighbor’s profile pictures, Duff signed off by quipping that her neighbor lacked anger control; specifically, much of the man’s furniture is broken during, and after, arguments with the neighbor’s partner. Duff expressed worry about the neighbor, specifically that it imperiled her 6-year-old son, and quipped that therapy would be cheaper. Duff advised her neighbor to look into a vaporizer instead of smoking.


When reached for comment, Duff’s neighbor Addison rebuked any allegations of smoking marijuana and mentioned that he was looking into litigation. He went on to mention that Duff’s fans have unified in a campaign of hate mail and threats so prodigious that he has considered looked into contracting at least one bodyguard. Addison concluded his statements by claiming that he hailed from a very private German family and that said family was hiring one or more lawyers.

Samantha Bee Woos Advertisers in Unconventional Way

As the front woman of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee is one of the only women hosting a late-night show these days. And she definitely seems to be willing to offer advertisers some great new enticements to invest in her show. Capitalizing off of the success of the wildly popular quiz show app HQ, Bee has designed her very own quiz show app. However, unlike HQ, it offers voters a lot more than just a few bucks. In fact, if the name is any indication, this is a very serious app. Called This Is Not a Game: The Game, the app aims to “gamify” the world of politics and voting. And Bee is betting that users will take to it quickly, although she did state that Turner exec Kevin Reilly took a big risk when he agreed to help finance the ambitious project.


And Bee was more than ready to let advertisers know exactly how their products could be integrated into her app. With mobile content growing more popular by the day, it seems that Bee’s bet may be a savvy one. Her willingness to sell the app made it even more appetizing, with many of her jokes landing well with a receptive audience. Referencing controversial topics such as Bill Cosby and Russian interference in American elections, Bee charmed her audience at every turn.


Sarah Silverman Sounds off on Late-Night Show

For Sarah Silverman, comedy is all about engaging with others. Although she is most definitely a liberal in her personal life, she is also a seasoned comedian who is accustomed to dealing with people from all walks of life. As someone who has endured the heckles of audience members since she was just a teenager, Silverman is comfortable with talking to people who possess opinions with which she vehemently disagrees. For this reason, it seemed apt that she would use this rare skill on our latest show—and she does.


“I Love You America” is a Hulu series that shows Silverman in a variety of situations that one might think would make her uncomfortable. From sitting down with a family of Trump supporters in Louisiana, to hanging out with Texan firefighters, Silverman shows her diplomatic side in this show. Restraining herself from making some of the more obvious jokes she could have attempted, Silverman made a serious attempt to find out more about these people and their lives. Perhaps this is why the show was well reviewed, and perhaps this is why it received a second season order from Hulu. However, Silverman doesn’t plan to sit on her laurels, planning to reconfigure the show and make it even more appealing to audience members. Citing the example of Mr. Rogers as one of her heroes, Silverman is interested in the art of breaking down barriers through her art.

Jimmy Kimmel Honors Wife on Mother’s Day

If any fathers on the planet needed to wish their wife a happy Mother’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel was one of them. The late-night funnyman took to Instagram to pay homage to Molly McNearney, who was pictured with her two children in the post. Wearing a sweatshirt featuring the faces of her two kids, Jane and Billy, she seemed happy to be celebrating.


Of course, it has been just a bit over a year since McNearney and Kimmel faced the unimaginable. Their son Billy, who now appears to be fully recovered, had to go through a serious heart surgery when it was discovered that he suffered from a congenital defect. Fortunately, he made it through his operation just fine and now appears to be just like any other healthy baby boy. In fact, he is striving to conquer the same heart defect that Olympic snowboarder Shaun White has. Shortly after Billy’s birth, Kimmel even had White on the show to discuss how his heart condition has affected his life.


In his Mother’s Day message to McNearney, Kimmel referenced the chaotic first days of Billy’s life, hailing the mother for her fortitude during what was undoubtedly a nightmare of a situation for a new mom. Although the Kimmels already had a daughter, Jane, at the time of Billy’s birth, Jane did not suffer from any dramatic health issues during her birth. Billy’s situation inspired Kimmel to speak out on the need for healthcare reform.

Deadpool Visits The Late Show

Stephen Colbert had a surprise guest this week on his The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: the Merc with the Mouth himself, Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds. Taking over Colbert’s monologue, Deadpool at first mockingly mistook him for fellow late-night host Jimmy Fallon before advising the comedian to never invite Ryan Reynolds for an interview, saying, “I’ll tell you who should not be on your show: Ryan Reynolds…He’s like a poor man’s version of Ryan Reynolds.” Deadpool then joked about President Donald Trump and his son Eric, much to the audience’s laughter. Before going to a commercial break, Deadpool faded away, supposedly killed by Avengers: Infinity War villain Thanos.


Reynolds’ appearance in character as Deadpool marks another incidence of the longstanding association of Colbert with Marvel Entertainment. Following the Death of Captain America story arc in 2007, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada gave Colbert the duty of protecting Steve Rogers’ star-spangled shield, calling him “the most patriotic man in America.” During the 2008 election, Colbert ran for President of the United States in the Marvel Universe. Featured in the background of many issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, Colbert was shown to win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College to Barack Obama.


The unusual way that Reynolds appeared on The Late Show is part of the unique marketing campaign that has been undertaken for Deadpool 2. As with his appearance on Colbert’s show, Reynolds also appeared as Deadpool on the December 2017 issue of Good Housekeeping, giving advice on how to “put the fun back in dysfunctional” during the holiday season. In addition to Reynolds, Deadpool 2 stars Josh Brolin and Morena Baccarin and premieres May 18.

Another Crazy Night on Late Night With Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish makes an appearance on a talk show it is going to be an interesting time. On a recent edition of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tiffany haddish appeared and gave a rundown of her TBS show called “The Last OG” with full on Tracy Morgan impressions. There were some fun moments about this show that managed to become one of the biggest shows for TBS. The largest viewing of a TBS show in history is what Tiffany haddish was referencing as her history making moment.

This was part of her Late Night ramblings with Jimmy, but this was not the only thing that he inquired about. Tiffany also made mention of an incident from her book where she was referring to her time as an “energy producer.” She spoke about bar mitzvahs and the way that she generated energy when these parties were taking place. She spoke specifically about an old man that died while he was dancing with her.
It was an interesting comedic take on a story that everyone watching could visualize. She talked about how she was backing up to this older gentleman that was dancing with her. She mentioned how the family watched in horror as his face went from a great smile too a look of lifelessness. Tiffany mention that when she turned around that this man that she was dancing with was dead. It is just another of many incidents in her autobiography that she somehow managed to put a positive spin on.