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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Gays “What’s Straightest Thing You’ve Ever Done?” In Honor Of LGBTQ Pride Month

June happens to LGBTQ Pride Month, an annual anti-discrimination effort made official in 2014 with a proclamation from then President Obama. By the way, we all know LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The added Q letter is now used and stands for either “questioning” or “queer.”

Young people have come to embrace the word “queer” and taken it back as a respected word. Years ago, “queer” was used in a perjorative manner against the gay community.

TV host Jimmy Kimmel of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” did something unique and hilarious in honor of Gay Pride Month, and people can’t stop buzzing about it. He sent a reporter to West Hollywood with one question in mind:

“What’s the straightest thing you’ve ever done?”

Gay people took the question with a good sense of humor. Some of the replies were sensible and others crazy.

For example, one gentleman says the straightest thing he ever did was “baled hay.” Another answered that he went to a Dodgers game and didn’t know what was going on. One woman said that at age 16 before she came out to her relatives, the straightest thing she ever did was go to a Barnes & Noble store with her family.

One gentleman said,”I’ve never done anything straight,” and the audience howled with laughter.

Perhaps the heartiest response came when a young man told the Jimmy Kimmel Live! reporter that the straightest thing he ever did was “dated a girl.” When she then asked him what the gayest thing he had ever done, he answered, “F—ed a guy.”

It was all in good fun and a clever way to celebrate LGBTQ people around the world.

Hats off to Jimmy Kimmel for keeping it real and respecting all people who choose to be themselves.

In the meantime, Ivanka Trump has shown her celebration of June’s Gay Pride Month with a tweet, saying she is proud to support her friends in the LGBTQ community and those LGBTQ Americans who have contributed tremendously to society and the economy in the United States.

Unfortunately, there has been no official White House statement commemorating LGBT Pride Month.

Mandy Moore Filmed Her New Movie In Broccoli Soup

As a teenager, Mandy Moore sang about “Candy” and was the school mean girl in The Princess Diaries. Since then though, she’s expanded her acting horizons to include all manner of genres. TV audiences know her for her work on the critically acclaimed This Is Us and kids know her voice for her work with animated Disney characters. Now, she’s taking on a thriller at the bottom of the ocean floor in 47 Meters Down, but filming the movie was no picnic.

Moore stars with Claire Holt as a pair of sisters who try cage diving while on vacation, but when the cage breaks from the boat, they are left racing against their own air tanks in shark-filled waters. As Moore pointed out to Jimmy Kimmel in an appearance on his talk show, the movie is “95% under water,” which meant Moore and Holt spent a lot of time in a water tank, but not just any water tank – one filled with broccoli and urine.

The movie’s team needed their water to look like they were filming on the ocean floor, and the closest they could mimic the algae was by finely chopping broccoli and placing it in the 20 foot water tank with the girls and the camera crew. The broccoli was the only part of the movie that “concerned” her, Moore revealed, after being asked about the possibility of pruning skin when shooting in water for eight weeks. She explained that the chlorinated water was kept warm, so it was like filming in “broccoli soup” for five weeks, with a “pungent” smell.

What she discovered while shooting for hours on end though was that no one in the water crew was taking bathroom breaks, meaning that to save time, and not disrupt the shooting schedule, the crew and the actors were relieving themselves in the water tank, something Moore had trouble with, but she eventually hopped on the bandwagon.

That’s one unique filming experience she’ll probably never forget.

Conan O’Brien Will Host Non-Late Night Shows

Conan O’Brien has been hosting late night TV shows since 1993 when he inherited the “Late Night” show from David Letterman on NBC. He now handles the late night duties on TBS. O’Brien has been one of the pioneers of embracing YouTube as a method of promoting his show and reaching a larger audience than would ever be able to find him on TBS. The cable network recently announced a new agreement that will see O’Brien continue to helm his late night show for another four years. However, his new contract is much more comprehensive than it has been in the past.


O’Brien will also be involved in creating various programs that will air in prime time. He will also produce original content for live shows, mobile games and podcasts. He will still continue to stay involved with YouTube because it is a platform that he has enjoyed remarkable success with in the past. O’Brien realizes that the late night landscape has changed dramatically over the past 24 years since he first came on the scene as a virtually unknown comedy writer. He feels that it is important to keep his show evolving in order for it to stay relevant. He wants to be able to reach people in the ways they are currently using to watch TV. Technology is a huge part of his new contract with TBS. O’Brien has said that millions of people watch his show without ever tuning their TV to TBS. That is why the online world will play such a huge role in the future of his show.


O’Brien has become known for traveling to foreign countries that other late night hosts would never even consider visiting. He made a very famous trip to Cuba in 2015 and became the first American late night host to set foot in the country. The host has confirmed that these trips will continue on a regular basis over the course of his new contract.




Oliver Stone Defends Putin On Stephen Colbert’s Show

Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone went on Th eLate Show With Stephen Colbert recently to promote his new documentary and got more than he bargained for.


The four-part documentary -The Putin Interviews- will air on Showtime in one-hour blocks. Stone has spent two years following Russian President Vladimir Putin and has cobbled together a four-hour documentary from over 20 hours of tape.


The problems started right away when Colbert plays a short clip of Stone interviewing Putin. In it, Stone asked Putin if he had interfered with the eUS Presidential election. To which Putin responded that Russia would never interfere with another country’s elections.


Instead of asking any sort of follow up question, Stone merely says, “Thank you, sir. We’ll see you tomorrow.”


Colbert then pressed Stone and asked why he failed to ask a follow-up question. Stone’s only defense was the, “you have to be polite.”


At this point, derisive laughter began to come from the audience. Colbert then told Stone that with the lack of a follow-up question, it was as if he had given Putin a platform to spread his propaganda.


Stone insisted that more hard-hitting questions would come in the fourth hour of the documentary and that the audience would simply have to watch in order to see him question Putin more forcefully.


Olver Stone has long been a defender of the freedom of speech, so it seemed odd to Colbert that he would take it easy on Putin, who has jailed opposition journalists and is alleged to have had opposition politicians murdered.


To that, Stone replied that Putin is merely a “social conservative.” At this point, the audience broke out in more laughter. To which, Stone replied, “I don’t know why you’re laughing.”


“Because it seems like a mild description”, Colbert informed him.


It remains to be seen if Stone does, indeed, ask Putin harder question later on in the interview. But one thing is certain, he has certainly drummed up some interest in his new documentary.


James Comey Testimony Provides Late Night Humor

Political events have been providing late night talk show hosts with funny jokes as long as the medium of TV has existed. Therefore, it should not come as a shock that the  testimony of former FBI chief James Comey has drawn the attention of all the biggest names in late night TV. Trevor Noah, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien and James Corden provided their take on the critical testimony which could have a huge impact on the presidency of Donald Trump. What is interesting is the way that these late night hosts go about writing jokes about big stories in the political world.


All of the late night TV shows have large staffs of professional comedy writers who are paid to make their bosses funny on a nightly basis. The procedure about how these writers come up with material varies depending on the show. However, their procedure regarding huge stories like the Comey hearing is remarkably the same. All of the late night shows have several writers assigned to watch the hearing in its entirety. The writers were instructed to take notes about anything that could potentially be used for jokes. After the hearing is complete, those writers have a meeting to throw around ideas for funny monologue jokes or bits that can be used later in the show.


At some point, the rest of the writing staff is brought into he equation to see if they can add anything to what he first group of writers have come up with. Conan O’Brien has said that he wants his writers to always collaborate because one person can come up with a solid premise that other writers can build on. Writers who always work alone will never have the benefit of other writers making their material even funnier. Jimmy Kimmel says that his writers feed on the pressure of having to come up with topical jokes on a nightly basis. He loved their Comey material.




Katy Perry Recently Squashed the Swift Beef, but What about Eddie Cibrian?

Katy Perry has finally squashed her beef with Taylor Swift, an ongoing feud rooted as deeply as three years ago. Taylor Swift initiated bad relations between the two in 2014 after she released the song “Bad Blood.” The country song had mentioned a former friend, assumed to be Katy Perry, “stealing” Taylor Swift’s backup dancers. That’s in quotations because their contact agreements stated the dancers were to be shared, but maybe there’s more to it than that.


Katy Perry had mentioned the fiasco on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” urging Taylor Swift to squash beef between the two. After all, the bad relations were in regards to only three backup dancers.


Perry spread news of the now-squashed beef on Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global Podcast, posted just two days ago. The forgiveness comes two days after Perry released her new studio album Witness.


Drama has been stirring, yet again, between Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is alleged to have stalked her former husband Eddie Cibrian. While Cibrian and his current wife, LeAnn Rimes, were out on a date in Malibu at the famous Nobu restaurant, Glanville had showed up unannounced.


Glanville had received no invitation to go eat with the couple, having the nerves of steel to bring Eddie Cibrian’s two sons, Mason and Jake, along with her. It is reported that Brandi had viewed LeAnn Rimes’s recent Snapchats and social media posts to find out exactly where the current couple was going on a date. Drama is a long-standing issue between these two former lovebirds, expected to stop no time soon.


Comey Testimony Frequent Topic for Late Night Shows

One of the biggest news stories since the 2016 Presidential Election has been the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey. Just a few weeks after he was fired by President Donald Trump, Comey was given the opportunity to testify before a Congressional Grand Jury about recent rumors that members of the White House had been having direct conversations with Russian government officials.


While the testimony could potentially have very serious repercussions for a lot of different people, it also provided a lot of inspiration for jokes on the most popular late-night television programs ( In the few days following the testimony, all of the major late-night shows took a variety of jabs at him and his testimony. Some of the most notable came from Steven Colbert, who has also been in the news for getting into a recent public dispute with Donald Trump.


While the late night hosts keyed in on a lot of different comments made, the main take away had to deal with the fact that Comey did not find Trump to be trustworthy. Several of the hosts made light of the fact that Comey stated that his initial thought was that he needed to write down everything that Trump said during their private meetings. Comey also stated that he was involved in helping these notes become public record, which also led to a few different jokes to be made.


While it has now been five days since the testimony was given, it does not appear that the jokes will be dying down. There have continued to be a number of summaries of the live testimony by the late night hosts, as well as a number of popular sketch comedy shows.


Kate McKinnon Listened to Podcasts to Prepare for ‘Rough Night’

Kate McKinnon, best known for her work on Saturday Night Live and in the Ghostbusters reboot, is able to pull out plenty of impressions (like her famous Hillary Clinton) and mimic plenty of accents. When the accents are a little tougher for her to learn though, she turns to a surprising method: listening to podcasts. The actress recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to promote her upcoming movie release Rough Night, where she revealed the tidbit.


McKinnon told the host that she had never listened to a podcast before and didn’t even know how to access them before getting the role in Rough Night as an Australian character. She decided that it would be helpful to be able to listen to Australian voices on a loop, so she set out to learn just how to “get podcasts” and began to listen to Australian produced episodes of various shows to help her hone her accent skills.


When Fallon asked her what kind of podcasts she listened to, McKinnon joked that she just used the “podcast app.” Now though, she enjoys plenty of podcasts, though the interview didn’t have the time to go into just what McKinnon might be listening to these days.


With all of her upcoming projects, it’s amazing that McKinnon has time for anything else. In addition to remaining a cast member on Saturday Night Live and having Rough Night in theaters on June 16, McKinnon is also the voice of Ms. Frizzle for the upcoming Netflix Magic School Bus children’s series, and she also has The Lunch Witch, Ferdinand (another voiceover role) and The Spy Who Dumped Me on the way in the next year. McKinnon is certainly one busy woman.



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Demi Moore Still Has Her First Big Celebrity Purchase

Demi Moore recently stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s Late Show to chat about her career, but in between bits of information about her acting roles, the two discussed a variety of other topics – from how her name is pronounced to Fallon’s friendship with Demi Lovato. After deciding that they were going to be best friends from now on, Fallon had one question that made her think: what was her first big purchase after making money as an actress.


Moore only had to think for a moment before revealing that her first extravagant purchase was a car. “A sea foam green 450SL Mercedes,” to be exact. Moore even recalled that this purchase was made when car phones, the kind screwed into the console before the days of cell phones, were becoming popular and it was quite the big deal that she had one.


Best of all? Moore added that she even still has that Mercedes, and that the car phone might even still be operational. Jokingly, Fallon agreed to call her a few times this summer to see if it still works while she’s driving around town.


Of course, the actress also revealed that wasn’t her first car. Her first car was a little less glamorous. She told Fallon it was actually an old Volkswagen that had lawn chairs in the back to act as the back seat and a hole in the floorboards. A brand new car was certainly a step up for a young actress. Nowadays, she can afford to be even more extravagant if she wants to.


You can catch Demi Moore on the big screen in the comedy Rough Night, hitting theaters on June 16.



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Mandy Moore Is In A Stranger’s Shower

Considering she’s made a career out of singing and acting, Mandy Moore is probably no stranger to seeing her face used to sell plenty of merchandise. The latest place her likeness has popped up isn’t on a piece of her own sanctioned “merch,” but on the wall of someone’s new home.


The This Is Us actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show to discuss her role in the new thriller 47 Meters Down, which sees her spending a lot of time underwater with costar Claire Holt as they take on sharks in a failed cage diving trip. Her likeness has also been spotted in a place that sees plenty of water, and Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t wait to ask her about it.


He brought up something the New York Post had featured in the past – a social media post from someone whose friends had recently bought an apartment in Queens that featured a mosaic of Mandy Moore on the shower’s wall. When Kimmel jokingly asked her if it was a new piece of merchandise she was selling, Moore told him that it wasn’t her doing.


Kimmel pressed, wondering if the image (which is a startlingly good likeness to the actress at 16 when she was participating in concert tours and singing “Candy”) was a compliment or if it was terrifying. Moore seemed to lean toward the latter as she asked, “is it?” in response to it being a compliment. She explained that given the image is one of her as a teenager in someone’s shower, it’s “a little disconcerting” to see. She admitted that she didn’t “know how to feel” about the artwork.


Seeing your favorite celebrity in your shower everyday does seem a little weird. To be fair, die-hard fans will go the extra mile to have a piece of their favorite celebrities in their lives, so perhaps, the image wasn’t initially meant to be creepy.