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Gregg Allman, Genius Of Southern Rock, Passes Away At 69

It is impossible to talk about Southern Rock music without giving Gregg “LeNoir” Allman of the Allman Brothers Band fame a prominent mention. Allman played a central role in inventing the popular music genre known as Southern Rock that swept through the nation starting from the early 70s. Fans are mourning the passing of prolific musician, singer, and songwriter at his Savannah, Georgia home on May, 27th 2017. The renowned entertainer was 69 years of age at the time.


The Allman Brothers Band secured its place in history by creating a unique mash of country blues with an extended improvisation style more commonly found in the South Francisco music scene. This new style was eventually dubbed as “Southern Rock” and has formed the mold that numerous successive country bands would follow. Gregg Allman formed this influential band alongside his older brother, celebrated guitarist Duane Allman, in 1969.


The brothers started out playing for many bands in Nashville. However, it was not long before they took their own band, the Allman Joys, on the road. It was not until 1969 that they formed the chart-topping Allman Brothers Band. The 1971 release of their inaugural album, “Live at the Fillmore East,” propelled the frontman and band to meteoric success. Allman also found great success as a solo artist, with his albums offering a wide selection of soul, blues, and R’n’B.


Gregg Allman had a distinctly rich, gritty voice that made him one of the greatest vocalists in the blues-rock genre. Combined with the soulful sounds of his Hammond B-3 keyboard, Allman’s performances were deeply and emotionally powerful. Because of his unique talent, Allman received numerous accolades and awards for his work. These include multiple Grammys, and an induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



Andy Cohen’s WWHL Cross-Country Road Trip Scores Big In L.A.

“Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” Bravo’s late-night, hilarious interactive talk show has been on the road for the past week, wowing much larger audiences in Los Angeles.


The talk show host was happy to hit the road and see how the other side lives, and the audience of 500 was enjoying the show, selling out the Beacon venue quickly. In New York City, the clubhouse headquarters of “Watch What Happens Live” only has room for an audience of 34.


Andy Cohen is loving the energy, and he thinks it’s also great for home TV viewers. The traveling show opens up lots of various booking opportunities, the longtime host says, so it’s a win-win for all.


Andy Cohen is one of the busiest late night television hosts around, and his broadcast presence is branching out even farther. Cohen is making the move to Thursday with the premiere of Fox’s “Love Connection” reboot. In addition to WWHL, Andy also features the primetime interview series “Then and Now” and the network’s many reality series reunions.


Another exciting venture debuts this summer with a syndicated version of “Watch What Happens Live.” It will kick off a six-week test run beginning June 26th.


Andy says he’s all for it if the Bravo cable network decides on more traveling shows in the future. Chicago and any city in Texas are favorites, he says. As long as you can get guests to these cities, it’s a lot of fun to go big.


Donald Trump Has Made it Easy for Late Night Television Hosts

Donald Trump has been a popular topic of late night TV show hosts so far this calendar year. The current President has done a few things that he promised prior to election, but his showings with politicians of other countries have proved terrible throughout his short tenure. The most popular topic of recent is how Donald Trump’s son-in-law helped him cover up communicating with Russian agents.


Lil Yachty was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live as part of the Mercedes Bend music tour and performed a new song, which seemed to be a hit per the audience. Snoop Dogg was on a few weeks ago, in which he made a sizable donation that drew in hundreds of others from viewers around the United States. Jimmy’s son has been sick, as must of us know, however, Kimmel has been at his comedic best the past few weeks, which is brought to full potential with United States government officials doing so many news worthy things.


A senator from Louisiana that had mentioned a Jimmy Kimmel Rule on another TV show about how health care was getting expensive and there were not sufficient health care programs for low income people in the United States. The senator brought attention to how our health care system in the United States can be changed if everyone were to contact their local politicians and complain about the health care program of today. Jimmy Kimmel Live starts again next Monday, back with hot information about Donald Trump’s leakings.


Celebrities Plead with Electoral College to Change Vote

Prior to the 2016 presidential election, many celebrities across the country showed significant support for Hillary Clinton. At the same time, many were very vocal of their lack of support for eventual winner Donald Trump. While Trump ended up winning the election by beating Clinton in the amount of electoral votes, the Electoral College is still set to meet on December 19 to cast their final and official votes.


While the Electoral College has historically voted along with the results of their individual states, they do have the ability to vote against their state’s decision. While this has practically never happened in the past, recent news articles ( point out that many of the same celebrities are pleading that the Electoral College voters go against their state’s wishes and change their vote.


Some of the most vocal celebrities have included Moby, Martin Sheen, and Debra Messing. They have continued to request that the Electoral College voters change their votes and choose to side with Hillary Clinton. While this has never happened in the past and Trump won the electoral vote by a sizable margin, it would likely only take two or three states to make a difference.


If an Electoral College voter does decide to change their vote, it will be a significant risk for their political careers as it would be a direct violation of their state’s trust. Furthermore, some states have tough legislative processes that would make it difficult for a voter to change the result set forth.


President Trump Ribbed for First Weekend Plans by Stephen Colbert

Newly sworn-in President Donald Trump probably will not lose too much sleep worrying what comedians say about his first few days in office. As it turns out, though, late-night comedians have plenty to say. Stephen Colbert took some time to poke fun at the President last week.

President Donald Trump commented that he would get serious about executive orders after the weekend inauguration celebrations, to avoid mixing the celebration with the signing of the orders. The Huffington Post reports that Colbert joked with the Times of London about the President’s statement. Wondering how celebration and signing can be confused, the comic quipped, “‘I’m sorry, I thought I was giving out an autograph; instead I accidentally gave back the Louisiana Purchase.’”

Stephen Colbert has a long history of mocking Republican politicians and Donald Trump specifically, so this will surely be the first of many Colbert jokes about President Trump. For late-night hosts, a new President represents a new target for humor, and Trump’s outspoken nature will undoubtedly create many opportunities for humor.

President Barack Obama appeared on various late-night shows during his Presidency, and one has to wonder whether President Donald Trump will do the same. A meeting between Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump could lead to hilarity. We can only hope that Colbert will manage to land Trump as a guest sometime in the future.


Bryan Cranston Talks New Autobiography On Fallon: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

The name of the book is called A Life In Parts, and it’s actor Bryan Cranston’s autobiography. The book is receiving rave reviews and being called by many, a beautiful and honest celebrity memoir that will have you laughing and crying throughout.


The talented star sat down with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” recently, to promote his fascinating life story. The 60-year-old actor was actually born in Hollywood, a town that would create the man we’ve all known to come and admire.


The book is full of amazing parts and an engrossing read. Cranston charmed Jimmy Fallon with a great memory about his brother and himself working at a Daytona Polynesian restaurant back in the 1970s. The head chef was called Peter Wong, and the Cranstons hated him. He was mean and miserable. Each night, the restaurant would have a waiters’ meeting before the dining crowd came in, and employees would reveal how they would kill Peter Wong if given the opportunity.


Jimmy Fallon was howling with laughter, as Cranston decided he would slice the head chef in tender pieces. The season came to an end, and the Cranston brothers left town on their motorcycles for a new adventure. Suddenly, the Daytona Police stopped by the restaurant to ask if any former employees had talked about hurting or killing Peter Wong. The waiters named the Cranston brothers, and police put out an APB for them.


Of course, the bros were innocent, but quite a hilarious tale.

Stephen Colbert Following Trend By Hosting Emmys

Following in the same vein as every recent awards show of note, the CBS-produced 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards announced that Stephen Colbert will be hosting the festivities. When CBS had the Tony Awards, it named late-night talk show host James Corden as the emcee. NBC uses Jimmy Fallon when it has an awards show to produce, like the Golden Globes earlier this month. And ABC leans on its late-night Jimmy, Jimmy Kimmel.


The trend is obvious and rather intelligent. Each network wants to have a good show with an able host leading the way. Who better to pop in and out of a conversation to keep the show moving like a talk show host? Each network knows its man (or men, in CBS’ case) is capable of such a job because it sees him night after night.


The bonus of this technique is getting “free” publicity for each channel’s late-night man. Surely CBS will make it known that Colbert, the upcoming Emmys host, happens to have his own show that viewers can check out weeknights on CBS!


One more factor plays to Colbert’s favor in this instance. Colbert is more politically charged in his comedy and nature than any of his main competitors on network television. As Rolling Stone points out, CBS may be hoping to gather a slightly bigger audience with those tuning in to see where Colbert goes with his opportunity. As surprising as it may sound, this will be the first time Colbert has ever hosted the Emmys.


Reaction to Jimmy Fallon Hosting Golden Globes Is Mixed

Jimmy Fallon has a reputation for being one of the nicest guys in show business. “The Tonight Show” has been known as a place that stars can go when they want to avoid the tough questions. That tradition was started by Jay Leno and it has continued with Fallon. Being a nice guy and conducting softball interviews might work for Fallon in late night. However, people are much more demanding when it comes to the people chosen to host prestigious awards shows. Ricky Gervais gained legions of fans from the occasions he hosted the Golden Globes. He pulled no punches and brutally roasted many celebrities in the audience. Fallon is not that type of guy and he never will be.


Jimmy Fallon’s hosting performance at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards is receiving very mixed reviews. Some people are praising his positivity. However, there are just as many people criticizing him for not being edgy and failing to go after Donald Trump to any great degree. Fallon was someone who NBC wanted to give a shot to because it allows them to promote the star of their late night lineup. It remains to be seen if Fallon will receive any more hosting gigs of this magnitude. Some people in the media joked that the phone of Ricky Gervais must be ringing off the hook because of Fallon’s poor showing.


It wouldn’t be surprising if Fallon gets another shot to host a big awards show. It might not be the Golden Globes. However, people in Hollywood genuinely like him and he is not threatening. Those qualities should definitely count for something. Overall, Fallon made the most of his abilities. He was not helped by a teleprompter that broke down when he was reading from it. Critics believe that he should have used jokes with more bite.




Ed Sheeran to Appear on James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” Segment

When James Corden developed “Carpool Karaoke” for his late night talk show, there was one person he wanted as one of his first guests, but they couldn’t work out the scheduling. Ed Sheeran revealed in an interview with Capital FM to promote his new singles that Corden is finally about to get that guest on the show – and it’s Sheeran himself.


James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” features the talk show host picking up various celebrities (usually musicians) in a supposed bid to have them help him get to work on time. Throughout the ride, he talks with them, asks questions you wouldn’t normally find in interviews, and they sing along to a few songs – usually a mix of their own and some of their favorite artists. Standouts on the show have seen Corden taking Selena Gomez through a drive-thru window for burgers and fries, Adele singing along to Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga driving the car after just receiving her license. The segment has grown so popular, it even had its own primetime special.


Sheeran stopped by Capital FM to promote his newly released tracks “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of Your Body,” but chatted with Roman Kemp about various topics during his time on the radio show. When the topic of “Carpool Karaoke” came up, Sheeran revealed he’s actually been talking to James Corden about an appearance for the last three years!


Sheeran explained that Corden approached him about being one of the first on the show, but he still hasn’t been able to appear. With Sheeran just as popular for his live covers of other people’s music as well as his own, it’s no wonder that Corden thought he would be a good fit for the show.


Sheeran isn’t too keen on singing along to his own music on the show though; instead he quipped that he’d like to sing along to Biggie’s “Big Booty Hoes” and make the segment as “awkward and dirty” as he could. It sounds like he’ll have fun with it!



Jason Sudeikis and His Wild Partying

Although Jason Sudeikis isn’t known as a particularly political celebrity, he did manage to squeeze in some time at the White House recently. When he went on Seth Meyers’ show, Sudeikis spoke about his experience at the amazing party, which he attended with his partner, actress Olivia Wilde. First, funny man Sudeikis made some jokes about the high level of security at the White House, mentioning just how very intense it was. Although it was cold outside, security kept heavyweights like Sudeikis, Wilde and Dave Letterman waiting while they carefully combed through everyone’s belongings to make sure that everything was on the up and up.


Sudeikis didn’t start to get nervous, however, until an overzealous drug-sniffing dog seemed to single him out for something. After a brief consultation with his handler, though, the dog then appeared to calm down. Sudeikis then goes on to give a hilarious description of how all the guests’ cellphones were taken away from them and then handed back to them in a lunch bag at the end of the evening. Although Sudeikis was under the impression that the party ended after two hours, he was incorrect. In fact, it did not wrap up until four in the morning!


Although they deal with celebrities all of the time, it was charming to see Meyers and Sudeikis become so excited about this close brush with the presidency. In an entertainment world that so often seems to be tainted with a kind of boredom, Sudeikis was so excited about attending the president’s party that he was acting like a kid.