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Tiffany Haddish Was Made for Late Night Television

Tiffany Haddish has been able to build a career in the movie industry, but people that have not seen her on late night television are really missing out. She is someone that loves to have fun, and every time she appears on a talk show she is going to have some interesting story. People are amazed by her funny stories that she is willing to share so freely. Her stories are quite entertaining.


Tiffany has managed to land a spot on shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres, but one of her funniest appearances may be the time that she appeared on Jimmy Fallon and talked about her a bar mitzvah party that resulted in a death. All of these things are in her book, but the stories are so much funnier when she is there to tell these things in person. Jimmy Fallon has a lot of guests that are doing humorous things, but Tiffany just continues to bring the humor throughout the course of the interview. Jimmy could not hold back the laughter.


Haddish has been able to solidify herself as a person that everyone seems to love to see on the big screen, but she is a joy to watch just at those times when she is being interviewed as well. She had this personality that seems to just make people want to be around her. She doesn’t have to try very hard. Tiffany just has the personality that makes it easy for people to embrace her.

Hillary Duff Publicly Shames Belligerent Neighbor

While Hillary Duff might be nice enough to do a Disney Channel promotion if her neighbors ask nicely, she is not one to be crossed. Duff recently took to her social media accounts in order to screed against an unpleasant neighbor, for all her fans to see.


While the star of “Younger” had been in plenty of minor conflicts with her neighbor, Tuesday night saw things finally come to a head, with Duff venting on Instagram. Specifically, she sought advice from any New Yorkers regarding neighbors who constantly smoke cigarettes and other substances that leave a offensive stink lingering in the area. Duff’s posts included descriptions of how the neighbor has never needed to work due to moneyed parents and that he should properly dispose of his trash.


The tipping point was Duff returning home after a 15-hour shift without receiving any sleep the night before. Said sleeplessness was attributed to the neighbor’s raucous behavior. Beyond digitally defacing some of the neighbor’s profile pictures, Duff signed off by quipping that her neighbor lacked anger control; specifically, much of the man’s furniture is broken during, and after, arguments with the neighbor’s partner. Duff expressed worry about the neighbor, specifically that it imperiled her 6-year-old son, and quipped that therapy would be cheaper. Duff advised her neighbor to look into a vaporizer instead of smoking.


When reached for comment, Duff’s neighbor Addison rebuked any allegations of smoking marijuana and mentioned that he was looking into litigation. He went on to mention that Duff’s fans have unified in a campaign of hate mail and threats so prodigious that he has considered looked into contracting at least one bodyguard. Addison concluded his statements by claiming that he hailed from a very private German family and that said family was hiring one or more lawyers.

Samantha Bee Woos Advertisers in Unconventional Way

As the front woman of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee is one of the only women hosting a late-night show these days. And she definitely seems to be willing to offer advertisers some great new enticements to invest in her show. Capitalizing off of the success of the wildly popular quiz show app HQ, Bee has designed her very own quiz show app. However, unlike HQ, it offers voters a lot more than just a few bucks. In fact, if the name is any indication, this is a very serious app. Called This Is Not a Game: The Game, the app aims to “gamify” the world of politics and voting. And Bee is betting that users will take to it quickly, although she did state that Turner exec Kevin Reilly took a big risk when he agreed to help finance the ambitious project.


And Bee was more than ready to let advertisers know exactly how their products could be integrated into her app. With mobile content growing more popular by the day, it seems that Bee’s bet may be a savvy one. Her willingness to sell the app made it even more appetizing, with many of her jokes landing well with a receptive audience. Referencing controversial topics such as Bill Cosby and Russian interference in American elections, Bee charmed her audience at every turn.


Jimmy Kimmel Honors Wife on Mother’s Day

If any fathers on the planet needed to wish their wife a happy Mother’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel was one of them. The late-night funnyman took to Instagram to pay homage to Molly McNearney, who was pictured with her two children in the post. Wearing a sweatshirt featuring the faces of her two kids, Jane and Billy, she seemed happy to be celebrating.


Of course, it has been just a bit over a year since McNearney and Kimmel faced the unimaginable. Their son Billy, who now appears to be fully recovered, had to go through a serious heart surgery when it was discovered that he suffered from a congenital defect. Fortunately, he made it through his operation just fine and now appears to be just like any other healthy baby boy. In fact, he is striving to conquer the same heart defect that Olympic snowboarder Shaun White has. Shortly after Billy’s birth, Kimmel even had White on the show to discuss how his heart condition has affected his life.


In his Mother’s Day message to McNearney, Kimmel referenced the chaotic first days of Billy’s life, hailing the mother for her fortitude during what was undoubtedly a nightmare of a situation for a new mom. Although the Kimmels already had a daughter, Jane, at the time of Billy’s birth, Jane did not suffer from any dramatic health issues during her birth. Billy’s situation inspired Kimmel to speak out on the need for healthcare reform.

Another Crazy Night on Late Night With Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish makes an appearance on a talk show it is going to be an interesting time. On a recent edition of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tiffany haddish appeared and gave a rundown of her TBS show called “The Last OG” with full on Tracy Morgan impressions. There were some fun moments about this show that managed to become one of the biggest shows for TBS. The largest viewing of a TBS show in history is what Tiffany haddish was referencing as her history making moment.

This was part of her Late Night ramblings with Jimmy, but this was not the only thing that he inquired about. Tiffany also made mention of an incident from her book where she was referring to her time as an “energy producer.” She spoke about bar mitzvahs and the way that she generated energy when these parties were taking place. She spoke specifically about an old man that died while he was dancing with her.
It was an interesting comedic take on a story that everyone watching could visualize. She talked about how she was backing up to this older gentleman that was dancing with her. She mentioned how the family watched in horror as his face went from a great smile too a look of lifelessness. Tiffany mention that when she turned around that this man that she was dancing with was dead. It is just another of many incidents in her autobiography that she somehow managed to put a positive spin on.

The Hot Strung Energy of Tiffany Haddish Goes Well With Late Night Television

Tiffany Haddish has had an excellent year. She always is a ton of fun when she shows up on night shows like the Jimmy Fallon show and daytime shows like the Ellen DeGeneres Show. She has really proven herself to be someone that interviews well. It is not a coincidence at all when people notice the way that she unleashes a new story every time that she comes on a different show.

Most hots are asking the actress about stories of things that she has gone through are reaching from the best-selling book “The Last black unicorn.” This is the autobiography that Tiffany has written, and some people may have thought that it was premature because it was written before she has had a chance to really get her feet wet in Hollywood.

These stories from her life before entertainment, however, have been the things that have made her interviews so funny on the various shows that she have been on. She has shown herself to be a person that has a big personality, and there is so much humor in the stories that she is bringing forth.

It’s hard not to like Tiffany Haddish because she is such a positive personality. Even the things that may have seemed like dark stories have been incidents that Tiffany haddish has been able to turn around. She has this ability to see the silver lining in any cloud, and that is why her fans tend to love her appearances on late night shows.

QuestLove Proves His Prince Song Catalog Knowledge on Jimmy Fallon

Everyone that watches The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is well aware that Questlove knows a lot about Prince. He has often called Prince his Idol, and this is why he is very proficient when it comes to naming songs by Prince.

When Jimmy Fallon had Questlove to sit on the couch as they reminisced about the passing of Prince they celebrated the musician by playing short clips of his songs. Questlove was put to the test for his skills in naming the songs that were played by Jimmy Fallon. These were short clips, but Questlove managed to name all of these songs correctly.

There are a lot of artists that are fans of Prince, but there are few that may be as insightful on the music of Prince as Questlove is. He has shown himself to be a musician that has studied one of the greatest, and he considers Prince to have been his Idol.

There’s definitely a lot of influence from Questlove that has been shown in the music that he has produced. One of the artists that he has put a lot of time and focus into over the years is D’Angelo.

Anyone that has listens to D’angelo is well-aware that Questlove has done an insane amount of backup drumming for D’Angelo. He has played on tracks for these albums, and he has gone on tour with D’Angelo. This friendship and work relationship with the Prince inspired Neo-Soul artist shows that the influence of Prince has been heavy.

The Return of Arianna Grande on Jimmy Fallon

The Late Night entertainment of Jimmy Fallon can be a lot of fun. When people like Arianna Grande show up there is a lot of fun to be had on late night television. Some people were worried that Jimmy Fallon would not have the same success that his predecessor, Jay Leno had, but they were so wrong. Fallon has been able to bring a whole lot of energy to late night television because he is still young.

He is obviously a big fan of Arianna Grande because he gave her a whole hour to entertain the fans. Jimmy did bring up the Manchester bombing at a point where Grande seemed a bit tearful about this concert where a bomb exploded at her show. Grande threw a benefit concert for victims in 2017.
Grande was tearful at this topic, and that leads to the transition about a single that she performed called “No More Tears.” This is certainly Arianna Grande with a wide range of emotion, but she is stronger and ready to return to the stage.

Her fame has been amazing over the years. She has had a career that has shot off like a rocket, and people were shocked when she took a hiatus from the public eye, but they could understand it. As many as 22 people got killed at this concert, and it seems like it was a devastating time for Grande. She has finally resurfaced again and fans are glad that she is back to music.

Ben Affleck Reveals Kimmel Allegiance

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you know that late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and actor Matt Damon have a bit of a rivalry going on. Recently, the rivalry amped up even more, with Damon’s longtime best friend and confidant Ben Affleck joining the fray. His tweet sent shockwaves through Hollywood, as the movie star declared that he was on Jimmy Kimmel’s team.

With gossip rags reporting that Damon had “replaced” best friend Affleck with the hunky Australian star Chris Hemsworth, Affleck decided to share one of their clickbait headlines on Twitter. Stating that Hemsworth could “have” Damon, the Boston native poked fun at the ridiculousness of the situation. With tabloids claiming that Damon and Hemsworth had gone on vacation with their families together, it definitely seemed as if the circumstances were rife for comedic exploitation.

However, with the history of this feud running deep, it seems as if the debate could just be heating up! When Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon engage, anything can happen. Now, with the stakes even higher, we are bound to see some more comedy emerge from the feud. Because it’s been going on for about 12 years now, there’s no reason to think the hilarious public mudfighting won’t go on for a span of at least two decades.

Seth Meyers’ New Baby Born in His Apartment Lobby

Although Axel Strahl Meyers is only a few days old, he has already made a dramatic entrance into the world. Perhaps this is only fitting, as he is the son of Late Night with Seth Meyers frontman, Seth Meyers. Axel’s birth happened so quickly that Meyers and his wife did not have time to get to the hospital. Once they called an Uber, Meyers’ wife indicated to him that the baby was already crowning. Neighbors pitched in to help, putting towels in their dryers to bring down and keep the baby warm. The New York Police Department also lent a helping hand, cutting the baby’s umbilical cord.

Axel’s middle name honors Meyers’ wife’s grandparents, Holocaust survivors who met in the hospital the day after they were liberated. Understandably, Meyers became choked up when he discussed the birth on his show the day after the dramatic events, praising his wife and sharing photos from after the event. Meyers’ wife Alexi could be seen holding the baby close to her as emergency personnel provided her with an oxygen mask. Eventually, of course, the couple made it to the hospital to have Axel evaluated. A perfectly happy and healthy baby boy, he will always have a hilarious story about making his grand debut onto the world stage. Perhaps he will join show business like other members of his family!