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A Sit-Down And Discussion With The ALF’s Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a high-profile ALF (Animal Liberation Front) representative with an interesting background. He is a well-spoken, mild-mannered Aussie that is passionate about his involvement in one of the most controversial international animal rights organizations. Much of the controversy surrounds the ALF’s tactics used in furthering their cause. To be concise, their tactics are usually threatening and destructive to business property. This YouTube personal profile of Keith Mann does not discuss the ALF’s actions. It is only a testimony by Mann that explains his involvement with the ALF.

The Pursuit Of Moral Behavior

Keith Mann is very vocal and logical when explaining why he is active in the ALF. He is mainly concerned with stopping cruel and violent treatment toward both domestic animals, and those entering the food markets. It is obvious that he believes animals possess a spirit that is far above mainstream considerations for non-human creatures.

In this YouTube video journal as well as his Twitter, he does not try to persuade the viewer into adopting attitudes that reflect his. He only states examples of status-quo market behaviors that lead to the unnecessary suffering of animals. Many of these actions go unseen. In his book From Dusk Til Dawn he states that morally sufficient treatment of animals, he believes, requires the efforts of dedicated individuals like himself, to change certain aspects of industry, economy, and food law. He also believes that is it morally acceptable to use extreme measures, without causing harm to any living thing, in order to bring about change in peoples’ attitudes toward animals.

Childhood Memories To Inspire

Keith Mann is very open about anecdotes during his impressionable years, which caused him to take-up the ALF flag. They are all centered on common animal treatment practices found in his native Australia.

The first example Keith cites, is his discovery of a makeshift meat processing “barn” in his neighborhood. One of his neighbors bred cattle voraciously for veal meat and the extraction of milk from heifers. Large numbers of the herds were mutilated and processed in a filthy barn, and sold to local markets. He noticed no attention was paid to the health of the cattle, only that they were slaughtered in sub-standard conditions for profit.

Another attitude-building event in Keith’s life was the rescue of an orphaned rabbit. He raised the rabbit and grew fond of its unique personality. He concluded that all creatures have an individual spirit which begs for humane treatment. This rabbit became the inspiration and face of one of the ALF’s most recognizable mascots.

This YouTube video eschews the politics and controversies behind the ALF’s worldwide actions. It is simply an explanation by Keith Mann regarding his calling in life.

Wal-Mart to Cut Health Benefits for Part-Time Employees

The corporate giant of Wal-Mart has long been under fire for being seemingly devoid of morals when it comes to taking care of its employees. The multi-billion dollar company isn’t ending this reputation with its latest move to cut benefits to some of its employees. The giant employs over 1.3 million people in the United States, with 30,000 of those employees working fewer than 30 hours per week. The company has recently announced that they plan to end healthcare coverage for those 30,000 part-time employees.

In a blog post, the company states they’re terminating the healthcare benefits because of rising healthcare costs. To balance their costs, the amount that full time employees pay for their benefits is also going to skyrocket from $18.40 to $21.90 per pay period. Economics experts like Christian Broda say this move probably stemmed from the decreased profit forecast from August because the company cited the cost of employee healthcare as a detriment to their profits. The company is estimating a $500 million impact on their bottom line, up $170 million from the forecast estimated in February of this year.

In 2011, corporate cut the health benefits of part-time employees who worked less than 24 hours a week, so some say that the cut isn’t surprising. Wal-Mart claims they’re just following the lead of other retail giants like Target and Home Depot. The company’s vice president says they will work closely with a third-party alternative to help their part-time employees find viable health insurance for themselves and their families.