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Susan McGalla a Leader

Susan McGalla is a remarkable woman from East Liverpool in Ohio, with only a bachelor’s degree in business and finance she proved herself with experience and eventually worked herself up to be president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and chief executive officer of wet seal Inc. before founding P3 Executive Counseling. Today she is Vice president of business strategy and creative development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When she joined American Eagle she was one among very few women to work for the company, being a company that produced mostly men’s clothing however, this makes sense. Even so she quickly rose to be president of the company and started two new brands within it, 77kids and aerie. I believe this speaks to her skills and knowledge of running a company and this was simply the beginning of her carrier. She left this company on good terms in 2009 to continue onto her later successes in like fields.

Looking at her carrier one might be tempted to say she was shattering glass ceilings and she may well have been, but this is not how she saw it. She felt she was promoted on her merits and skills as opposed to by her gender, to that extent she was effectively blind to gender at work and did not treat women or men differently in the office. This is a mindset that she credits to being instilled in her mind at an early age partially by growing up with her two brothers and football coach dad, who treated her no differently than he did his sons.


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