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The Importance Of Industry Staffing

Every successful company is only as good as its personnel. Employees are the team that allows an organization to achieve the vision of its leaders. It is very difficult to grow a business without the needed assistance of skilled persons on the staff. The technology industry is a direct reflection of this paradigm. Jobs become available as technology changes. The industry is consistently growing so the need for new workers is never-ending. However, technicians are often hard to come by. The level of training in the United States does not match the demand of an industry that is in constant demand for new engineers. John Goullet has developed a method for satisfying these issues. John is a former IT consultant who built a staffing company in order to provide service for businesses looking to expand. He created Info Technologies. It is a staffing organization that specializes in providing trained personnel to IT companies. John had great success with Info Technologies and eventually merged it with the Diversant Inc. He was named Principal at the new company and continued to push his vision for the IT industry. John understands that there’s no end to the creativity in technology. This is why it is necessary to constantly look for people to train in order to fill the unlimited number of job positions in the Tech business. He is aware of the market climate. It is impossible to develop a plan without knowing the field of business that you are operating in. Diversant Inc remains on the cutting edge of staffing. Their clients expect them to deliver the kind of employees who are ready to jump into a very competitive work force.

John Goullet starts each day with a workout in the gym. He carefully assesses his schedule and tries to bring a broad mindset to daily activities. His ability to understand who is right for a particular job is what makes Diversant successful. John has applied this philosophy to the businesses he assists, and the company he manages. Developing talent is the most important part of growing a company. John has mastered this skill set.

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Troy McQuagge Continues To Achieve Success For Stakeholders As the CEO of USHEALTH Advisors

Troy McQuagge, a prominent health insurance expert and CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc., is chosen as the Gold Winner in the prestigious OnePlanet Award. The award is presented to experts who have shown exceptional acumen and performance during their careers. Accordingly, everyone from a small startup to multinational companies are allowed to vote for the best individual and organization.

According to news report, McQuagge is acknowledged due to his ability of transforming organizations into a highly efficient units. When Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group Inc. in 2010, he was instrumental in resurrecting the captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. In fact, it was the unwavering commitment of Mr. McQuagge to retool the agency that allowed him to become the CEO of the group in recognition of his vision and leadership style. After becoming the CEO, he also led numerous development programs and marketing campaigns, which led the company to enjoy unprecedented success, profitability, and success in a very competitive health insurance market.

Talking to the media, Troy McQuagge acknowledged that receiving OnePlanet Award is a major milestone in his career. In fact, he dedicated the award to his team members and employees in his company. Reinstating his commitment to offer an affordable health insurance coverage, Troy McQuagge concluded that the success of his company is also attributed to focusing on offering a comprehensive and affordable solution to startups and businesses. Actually, the flexibility of the insurance program is another major factor in the success because participants can acquire innovative coverage according to the growth of their own business units.

It is notable that OnePlanet Award recognizes individuals and companies for their excellence in several categories. Currently, these categories include executives, teams, new products and services, PR, Marketing, and Corporate Communications. As for USHEALTH Group, the Texas based company exclusively health coverage for self-employed individuals and small business owners.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is an industry veteran who started his professional career after graduating from University of Central Florida, in 1983. Working at AllState Insurance Company, he gained necessary expertise, which led him to become an instrumental figure in United Insurance Company. Overseeing its Student Insurance Division, Troy McQuagge set numerous single year sales record. Recognizing the leadership qualities, the management continued to trust Troy with the sales and marketing efforts. Under his leadership, the company exceeded $1 Billion in annual premium sales volume. In addition, the company was also featured as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year by Seller Power Magazine and Stevie Awards.

After joining USHEALTH Advisors in 2010, it only took two to three years for the company to offer him the lead role as Chief Marketing Officer. Just a year later, in 2014, Troy McQuagge was nominated as the CEO of USHEALTH Advisors. In fact, One Planet Award is a reflection of his skills.

Jeffry Schneider and the Successes of Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is a businessperson based in Austin Texas and was born and brought up in Manhattan. He went to the University of Amherst, and in 2009 he established Ascendant Capital, LLC, a boutique financial firm. The focal point of Ascendant as an enterprise has been very different from other financial institutions because they seek to fund alternative investment space. They work with hedges, private equity, and real estate funds that are often not made accessible to investors. The team at Ascendant Capital then seeks to develop a scope of value-added offerings that backed by a comprehensive suite of marketing, sales, operational, and educational services. Their approach is ingenious in its financial organization, and Ascendant Capital helps to raise capital for stable asset fund sponsors as well as those that are in the developmental stage throughout the globe.

The Influence of Jeffry Schneider’s Leadership

The direction of Jeffry Schneider is without a doubt exceptional because it is because of him that Ascendant Capital has experienced fast growth in the last five years. He manages a group of accomplished financial professionals that source, format, and support cutting-edge alternative investment offerings. Ascendant Capital has experienced unprecedented growth and this has led to the employment of 30 people in the last five years whereas they only had two employees. Together with his team, Jeffry Schneider has helped raise more than one billion for many managers. The firm works with over 50 brokers, more than 250 investment counselors and a myriad of family offices. Ascendant Capital has used this capital to invest in purchase real estate, auto dealerships, tech companies and many other businesses. Jeffry and Ascendant Capital still plans to continue the expansion of their business territory with plans to raise over $50 million every month. Jeffry’s objective is to become a dependable intermediary to successful fund sponsor and certified financial emissaries looking for available alternative investment asset classes and sponsors magnify returns and various risk. He is of the firm view that given the position of the markets in this present time, alternative investments provide a fantastic opportunity to variegate risk while scaling down volatility.

The Culture at Ascendant Capital

Ascendant Capital has an environment that has played a predominant role in the success of the enterprise. This environment stimulates, if not dependents on open dialogues and encourages a sense of trust between coworkers. This kind of transparency is something that Jeffry himself is contented with and continues to spread externally as well. The company has many interests and ensures that is its fiduciary responsibility in relations to its investors as a top priority. Jeffry’s personal life is a testimony to a man who believes in excellence. He loves to eat healthily and remain fit and has been in some marathons. He is also widely traveled and is involved in numerous charitable organizations. He previously worked at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors.

Jason Halpern Proud to be Part of the Aloft South Beach Project

Jason Halpern, the principal of JMH Development, announced that his company was proud to be involved in the topping off of the Aloft South Beach. The 235-room-hotel, located in Miami Beach, is scheduled to open in 2015.


The project is a dual development venture between JMH Development and the Madden Real Estate Ventures. It is a creative reuse of Motel Ankara and will include an eight-story tower. Construction is presently carried out by Plaza Construction while the lead architect is ADD, Inc. Upon completion, it will become the first newly constructed hotel opened in the area since 2009. It will have bigger rooms that average more than 360 square feet.


JMH Principal, Jason Halpern, expressed his excitement about the Aloft South Beach. He said that topping off the new building will mark a significant milestone in the project and the entire construction process. This is because it will signal the start of the next phase in the race to finish the project before the set completion date. JHM Development is known for projects that involve the restoration of historic structures.


About the Aloft South Beach

The Aloft South Beach hotel is set in a beautiful waterfront location with access to both Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal. This prime location is one block away from the Miami Beach Shores and is within walking distance to the area’s art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, and boutiques. It is also minutes from attractions like Bass Museum of Art and Miami Beach Convention Center.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

Guests will be treated to several luxuries including a roof deck lounge, an outdoor pool, a fitness center and a flexible meeting space that is ideal for social gatherings and official business meetings. Additionally, the Aloft South Beach will offer free access to live emerging local artists and the area’s hottest bands. The South Beach hotel is part of the Aloft Hotels brand.


Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is a successful American real estate developer and the principal of JMH Development. Jason took over the family-ran business in 2010. Today, JMH has invested $500 million in various New York projects. Jason is committed to building innovating projects for both residential and commercial purposes in the city. He is not only keen on projects that preserve historic properties but also an active philanthropic.


JMH Development owns several major residential and commercial buildings in the U.S. The company has a unique approach to constructing luxury properties in lucrative markets including Brooklyn, Miami Beach, and Manhattan. The company’s professional team is experienced in developing world-class hospitality, residential, and mixed-use properties. The company observes due diligence throughout the development process from site acquisition, building design, construction to branding and marketing.


Learn How To Sustain Your Financial Wealth


Safeguard your financial future with the advice of successful financial analyst and strategist Jim Hunt. He advises his clients on how to make sound financial decisions to built their wealth and do more than earn money. His online learning course, VTA Publications has helped thousands of people gain the knowledge and confidence to live a Fortune 500 lifestyle. Being around negative people can hinder your success says Hunt. He acknowledges that positive people already have the keys to success and are usually eager to share it with other people. Hunt first became popular with his Wealth Wave course that was offered on the internet and has contributed to the success of many popular business ventures.


Jim Hunt has a popular YouTube channel that gives his clients a transparent outlook from VTA Publications on the stock market. He teaches you the handy secrets of how to trade on a down spiraling stock market. You can also learn how to trade if it is your very first time. Experienced investors says that his channel offers reliable information that helps them earn more than ever before. He offers his clients to ask questions and interact on his YouTube page for more details on how to gain a substantial return.


Jim Hunt has decided to make his mum a millionaire in under ten trades, a major challenge VTA Publications has supported. The goal is to show his clients how to become tax free millionaires and this is exactly what he did for his mum. He also offers this advise on his YouTube channel for his clients. His channel is available to anyone that has access to the internet. His financial secrets allows him to help thousands of people around the world get rid of their debt. Surprisingly, you can by a new house, car, or a boat. Your financial destiny lies in your hands with a distance learning course that has proven financial strategies.


Hunt invites you to visit the VTA Publications course from their official website. You have the option of building your financial freedom with a positive outlook on your financial wealth. Start a new business and say goodbye to your boss today.

Co-working Spaces Encourage Creativity


The world has changed in many ways. Among the changes that this world has underwent is that it has become mobile. There are now mobile offices. Also, the workforce has also changed because of the economic downturn. There are now more shared office spaces. On top of that, more people are experiencing some of the advantages that come with co-working spaces. For one thing, people are more free to think what they want. People are not told what to think like they were in regular workplaces. Also, people are a lot less likely to be dragged into anything.


One of the features of co-working spaces, is they allow people to use their creativity. There are a lot of co-working spaces that allow people to use them for different reasons. While many of them are general, there are some that are made for specific businesses. One thing that they all have in common is that people are more creative in what they are doing. There are also a lot more people that are working passionately towards their goals. There is a collaborative atmosphere in each of these places. They are a lot different from the environment that is provided by workplaces.


There are many different shared office spaces in many different cities. One city that has a great co-working space is New York City with Workville. People in Workville work together to run successful businesses. There are a lot of needs that are provided by this co-working space. Each person gets his own desk to put his equipment on so that he could get to work when he sits down. There is also the Wi-Fi and conferencing spaces. The best feature is the laid back atmosphere. This is what gets people’s productivity going.


Workville is one of the mobile office spaces that offer people a chance to share their skills when it comes to business. With each person’s contribution, Workville becomes a collaborative culture of success.

Brian Torchin Reveals the Problems by Implementing His Innovations

At some point in time, you have visited a medical facility. Whether it was an urgent care center or a private practice, you have entrusted the staff to nurse you or a loved one back to health. Throughout that treatment, though, did you once think about the extensive process required to staff that facility? If you had, you might have developed a newfound appreciation for medical staffing companies and, of course, the professionals as well.

Brian Torchin is the head of HCRC Staffing, a medical staffing company. With a client portfolio of over two hundred individual clients and facilities, him and his impressive staff are consistently busy as they service the United States, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Canada. Unlike other agencies, Brian Torchin focuses his on details. Despite being so detail oriented, Brian Torchin has been described as one of the most comprehensive professionals of all time. His ability to translate plenty of information into a few easy to understand statements makes him both approachable and a gem to work for and with.

Concisely, Brian Torchin is a professional that believes in ensuring that all areas of his industry are covered in a way that they will ultimately improve. His recognition of the discrepancies of the health care industry made him want to establish HCRC Staffing and improve it beyond measure. His empathetic personality makes certain that professionals will not be hindered simply because a facility is in need, while his go-getter attitude promises to staff facilities with the appropriate employees. From there, he sustains his work by up keeping it and retaining the same clients throughout their journeys as medical professionals. Brian Torchin refuses to stand still in his affairs and has made it clear that he will not rest until the health care industry is changed conclusively for the better.

You Need Brad Reifler to Diversify Any Portfolio

Brad Reifler is trying to solve the problem of economic inequality, as well as an imbalance of basic economic knowledge through his new investment program, Forefront Income Trust. Through this program, he will work for non-accredited investors, a policy rarely used in other trusts, to help the common man grow his money.

For a long time, Reifler approached only the one-percent, or the people who had an extra million dollars they were capably of investing. Now, however, he is looking out for the average American who commonly only have 6,000 saved in the bank.

Brad Reifler says the rest of the investment community thinks that the 99 percent are either not smart enough to invest or are two high risk for solid investment returns. However, Reifler believes that this is incorrect, damaging, and above all, insulting to the lower classes who have just as much to offer the investment community.

It’s easy to see why being an accredited investor is exclusively reserved for the one percent, as it either requires an individual to have a net worth of over $1 million, or an income of over $200 thousand. This accredidation process, that originally started to protect shareholders,has now developed into a system that allows exclusive rights to millionaires and the wealthiest in the nation.

With Brad Reifler, that all changes, as there will now be much more opportunity through his Forefront Investment group that will allow those who do not meet the requirements to invest.

Instead of millions of dollars, individuals are required to front a minimum of $2,500 dollars to invest. Although the investments are riskier, Forefront Income Trust creates structures to lower the risks that are normally associated with higher return strategies.

Reifler himself, however, admits that all investment involves risk, so there is no way to completely absolve yourself of that factor. However, Forefront has put together a skilled team that are highly respected in this particular area of investment that will ensure to minimize any losses and maximize all gains.

Overall, Brad Reifler says on his Twitter he is looking to change the investment game to welcome people of all income levels. Contact Brad through his official website.

JustFab’s Don Ressler Leading Active Wear Trend To New Heights

JustFab co-CEO Don Ressler gets it; he understands how active the active wear trend has become. When leggings are outselling jeans by a major margin, then something is changing. Women, especially, are developing a taste for casually chic clothing and wearing good-looking active wear at night and even at the office.

The CEO created a portfolio of brands under the JustFab umbrella, and all of them are globally successful online subscription fashion retailers.  Ressler’s most popular label is the one known as Fabletics, which he launched with actress Kate Hudson and co-CEO Adam Goldenberg.

Fabletics boasts a one million-plus online membership for women seeking high quality and on-trend active wear. The financial numbers are also huge according to Don Ressler: JustFab is on course to generate $500 million in revenue this year, and Fabletics drives 30% of those sales.

It was a purely genius concept for Ressler to involve Kate Hudson, because she reigns as a Hollywood fashion icon and athletic woman on the go. It’s Kate Hudson who has helped push casual chic style into the stratosphere. Kate Hudson is always seen in a pair of leggings when she’s not on the red carpet. She is like many women around the world now integrating active wear into daily life. Even the runways at NY Fashion Week were featuring active wear as a key part of their collections.

Yoga pants, cool bra tops, hoodies and even atheisure type dresses are all the rage for women of all ages. The colorful shades and patterns and figure-flattering fabrics have got women hooked.

Not to leave the male population out, Kate Hudson’s handsome and talented brother has also become a key player in the Fabletics fashion world. Oliver Hudson is the face of Fabletics’ FL2, the men’s high-performance athletic wear line. He, like his sister, has become a true game-changer in the way men and women dress for an active lifestyle.

Oliver Hudson is a busy father of three active kids and says he likes comfortable clothing that can take him from school drop-off to the gym and later dinner with his family. In addition, it’s high performance gear that is stylish for men.

Don Ressler believes that most people around the globe are looking for clothing that has comfort, function, quality, durability, on-trend features and an affordable price tag. All of JustFab’s online subscription stores present a super deal to the consumer.

From design concept to finished product, the JustFab umbrella of brands always features excellent value for the VIP member. When people join, the offers keep getting more delicious each month with savings of at least 30% off retail each time one shops.

Don Ressler is good for modern fashion; he understands the active lifestyle.



Danilo Diaz Granados is a Hard-Working Entrepreneur

Danilo Diaz Granados is a professional who works for Fireman Capital Partners, a well-known financial planning company that’s located outside of Boston, Massachusetts in the city of Waltham (Middlesex County). He’s been part of the company since 2015. Before Diaz Granados worked for Fireman Capital Partners, he served as an account advisor at a respected Miami, Florida private equity investing firm. When Diaz Granados worked for this firm, he kept busy assessing international investment-to-return matters that related to energy efficiency, hedge funds, the fine arts, real estate, merchandising and startups. Diaz Granados also kept busy evaluating creative, demographic and social factors that involved potential investment openings.

Diaz Granados undeniably has extensive career experience. He’s Toys for Boys Boutique Privee’s director and co-founder. This business is located in Miami as well. It’s a high-end boutique that pieces together elements of modern art, timepieces and exotic autos in a meaningful and luxurious manner. Toys for Boys isn’t where Diaz Granados’ entrepreneurial spirit ends, either. He’s Edge of Glory Films’ producer and co-founder, too. Edge of Glory Films is yet another business in Miami. Diaz Granados is in charge of promotion, editing, communications distribution and production at Edge of Glory Films. The goal behind the company is to deliver Hispanic-centric new media to individuals who reside in the United States.

Diaz Granados has a management position at Movilway. He began working for Movilway in 2012. Movilway is a well-known company that specializes in prepaid mobile payments. It’s a Celistics Holdings S.L. sector that was created in 2010. Movilway’s main office is in Madrid, Spain. Fernando Fiksman serves as Movilway’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Other prominent figures on Movilway’s team are Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jose Luis Riera and general manager Dan Cohen.

According to Facebook, Diaz Granados went to school at Babson College located in Babson Park, Massachusetts. Babson College is a private institution that was created in 1919. Entrepreneurship education is the college’s primary area of concentration. Diaz Granados went to Babson College between the years of 2007 and 2010. He graduated from the college with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and entrepreneurship.