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Stream Energy

Stream Energy has achieved great success in the energy sector. Founded in 2005, the Dallas based company is now delivering energy solution across the United States, and on the global scale. The company’s meteoric rise has allowed them to share in their success the team that makes who they are today. Serving over 5 states, Stream Energy’s success has enabled to them make a positive impact in the world of philanthropy. Stream Energy has taken on a new challenge, which may be far harder than the success they have been able to achieve. The Dallas energy company launched Stream Care, a not for profit charitable foundation.

Stream Care was launched as a beckon of hope in the fight against homelessness and humanitarian aid serving the same community that supported Stream Energy’s success. Stream Care is taking the necessary steps to totally eliminate homelessness. Recently Stream Care teamed up with the Hope Supply Co. and together they are making a real effort to eradicate homelessness.

Continuing with their philanthropic efforts, Stream Care made a positive impact following 2005’s Hurricane Harvey. Harvey left over $100 billion in damages to the Huston metropolitan area, destroying thousands of homes and businesses all while displacing thousands of people. Stream Care was able to leverage the success they experienced to give back to the community, by providing the much need financial support to the residents in Houston and the surrounding areas.

The Stream Care Foundation has partnered with charitable organizations and together has been able to make a huge impact. They have teamed up with the Red Cross and Humanitarian Habitat to help raise thousands of dollars for varies charitable efforts. Stream Energy’s Stream Care Foundation has also provided aid to residents by providing clothing, diapers and school supplies, goods we often take for granted until we don’t have access to them. The Stream Care Foundation has partnered with the Salvation Army and the Hope Supply Co to bring aid to the victims of the 2016 Texas Tornado.

Nick Vertucci Helps Real Estate Investors Make the Right Moves

Nick Vertucci has been able to help people discover what it takes to engage in better real estate investing. Many people see HGTV shows and they get excited about the possibility of flipping houses. They may have no idea how this is done though. This is where the trouble starts. They start putting money into properties that are not really good Investments for flipping homes. They find themselves pouring more into the home then it is worth. All of this makes it a bad investment in the end.

Nick Vertucci gives people better strategies for creating what he calls passive income. He believes that investors have the knowledge to lock down income-producing properties once they leave his free works out. He also believes that investors can make better decisions on networking and investing with no cash down if they know what he knows. This is why he created the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

People that are interested in getting to know what opportunities are available for tax-free and tax-deferred profits will benefit from these workshops. He wants to help his students make millions in real estate. He wants to help those that would like to leave their day job and transition into full-time real estate investing.

Everyone is not going to be able to transition into real estate no help. Some people or DIY types that take the risks, but they do not have to. Nick Vertucci and his team are willing to provide the help that people need to get started with better investing opportunities.

Vertucci is someone that believes that in the advice he gives because he has managed to build a system that works. He knows that it works because he has help many people prepare for investing in homes and selling these properties for profit.

Dr. Mark McKenna Is Propelling Forward As A Medical Practitoner And Business Owner

Dr. Mark Mckenna is a widely known medical practitioner and businessman in the United States today, having made several contributions to his fields over the years. Mark has always had quite the intellect, but he also studied for many years to further hone his mind and expand his capabilities. Today, Dr. Mark McKenna has started up several companies that have been successful using his combination of knowledge in medicine, economics, and business.

Once Mark completed his studies at Tulane University, he went on the join the family business with his father, who was a private medical practitioner. It wasn’t long before Mark realized he didn’t just want to help people through medicine, he also wanted to be an innovator. This is what started the beginning of Mark’s business career, combining both of his fields of expertise. Mark’s first company was a real estate firm that found a great deal of success called McKenna Venture. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005 and wiped out a great deal of the city including Mark’s company. Dr. Mark Mckenna lost millions of dollars overnight. Instead of letting that get to him, he worked hard to rebuild the community and his own lost funds by renovating properties throughout the city.

The latest business started up by Mark is known as OVME. This company offers customers treatments that are non-surgical right at home through orders on their app which will deliver right to their homes. Mark realized there are a great number of people who dislike spending time in a doctors office, and there are even some who are afraid to go to them. OVME will change things in that department and open up the medical practice to many more people who can’t or won’t spend time at the doctors’ office. OVME will allow clients to search the database for doctors which they can directly contact for advice before ordering their treatments. Dr. Mark McKenna hopes to continue expanding OVME beyond Atlanta and Nashville to offer this innovative service and open up the medical field even more.

Appreciating The Achievements Of Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a renowned politician, doctor, and entrepreneur. Dr. Shafik has gained a lot of experience in the field of medicine that has enabled him to have connections with high profile individuals. Mr. Sachedina is a high ranking dentist that people should know. His strong character is based on his religious beliefs.

Shafik Sachedina is a highly experienced dental surgeon who has helped thousands of patients. Shafik attended the University of London where he graduated in 1975. Currently, Dr. Shafik is one of the chairmen of Sussex Health Care Company which provides support services as well as homes to people living in South England. Shafik was born in Tanzania in 1950. He later moved to the United Kingdom where he became a British National became. In England, Sachedina held several senior positions in health firms that contributed to his work experience.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina developed an interest in investing in the health-care industry. He played significant roles at Jamati and Aga Khan Institutions to help communities. Shafik also serves at other distinguished institutions such as Aga Khan Development Network, Ismaili Imamat Community, and Aiglemont. Shafik has previously volunteered in several other organizations. Additionally, Sachedina was the president of Ismaili Council of the UK where he served for two terms.

Mr. Shafik founded Sussex Healthcare by bringing all his resources and knowledge together. His company provides housing solutions to the elderly suffering from various diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. The organization also plays a significant role in helping people with walking difficulties. Also, the company offers assistance to individuals with mental retardation.

Sussex healthcare employees highly experienced, competent, and reliable employees who work hard to improve the life of members. The company houses the elderly and rehabilitates them making it unique. Numerous activities are carried out at Sussex Healthcare to ensure that members feel comfortable. Sussex Healthcare invests in making the premises appealing to all members. For instance, the organization has a beautiful garden, cozy rooms, interior decorations, and preserves the privacy of members.

Before Shafik established Sussex Healthcare, he did the best he could to ensure that he got as much experience as possible in the healthcare industry. Shafik attended the University of the King’s College which is an institution that is well recognized in Canada. Afterward, Sachedina decided to go back to Sussex to assist people by applying his knowledge and expertise. Dr. Shafik works extra hard to ensure that his company touches the lives of people from all over the world.

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Stream Energy’s Business Model Values Philanthropy

Modern firms compete on different fronts, including corporate social responsibility. In fact, American businesses donated over $16 billion in 2016 to various philanthropic causes. Texas, however, is ranked among the least generous states in America. Stream Energy—a Dallas-based retail electricity firm—is out to change this narrative. The company’s philanthropic interests include assisting the less fortunate and helping victims of disasters. The company has lend a hand to the less fortunate, and it will continue doing so through the newly launched Stream Cares.

Stream’s recent philanthropic undertakings include contributing towards building and healing areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane ranked next to Hurricane Katrina as the costliest tropical cyclone, displaced over 30 thousand people. Among the displaced people were Stream Energy’s associates and clients. When a crowd-funding campaign was initiated to assist the affected associates, the firm matched the donations to the drive up to $25,000. And Stream Energy did not stop there: It helped American Red Cross by accepting contributions from well-wishers on behalf of the humanitarian organization. The Dallas-based firm then went ahead to assure its clients in the affected areas that they would not be penalized for paying their monthly dues later than usual.

Stream Energy understands that by working with like-minded organizations in its philanthropic endeavors, it stands to create a more significant impact. The company, therefore, has a cordial working relationship with Hope Supply Co. Salvation Army, and even its associates, when it comes to matters humanitarian. Stream Energy and its associates recently sponsored a thousand homeless children to be part of the annual Splash for Hope. The event enabled Stream to provide monetary support and supplies to North Texas homeless children.

Stream Energy

Started in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki in Texas, Stream has grown to be among the leading direct selling companies in America. The revenues–$8 billion—that Stream has earned so far speak to the firm’s innovative direct selling program. While some of Stream’s services are available in seven states, the majority are available across America. Thanks to the company’s associates that work round the clock to popularize the firm’s services, receiving salaries and commissions for their efforts.

The Deeds of Susan McGalla – Why She is an Example to Many Women

Susan McGalla has become a figure to mirror to many businesswomen around the world.

She is the former president of a company named American Eagle Outfitters, but that isn’t even close to all the deeds that she was able to achieve during her career path.

Having born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Susan McGalla grew up studying businesses and preparing to be the women that she is today;

Before being the President of American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla was the Chief Executive Officer of another firm, the Wet Seal, very renowned in the North America.

Being the scholar that she is, she is very related to the local University of Pittsburgh; there, she is used to be the trustee of the directors of the University.

For the professionals of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Susan mcGalla is best known for being one of the directors of the group.

All successful career paths begin after a big session of studying and starts from a small role. The professional path of Susan McGalla began at a firm named Joseph Horne Company, where she learned a lot about businesses and how to do administration properly.

These skills in administrating businesses were going to be vital for her role in American Eagle Outfitters. She would be the President of the company, but the position that she acquired when she entered the group in 1986 required a big dedication from her part. Susan McGalla excelled in being a great administrator, which caused her superiors to escalate her through the positions of the firm.

While she was the President of American Eagle Outfitters, she also acquired the role of the CMO (Chief Merchandising Officer). In this position, she perfected her knowledge of sales and marketing and became one of the most influential experts in the sales department of the company.

Susan McGalla became the example for many women around the world as a sign that women can achieve high ranks and important jobs by being dedicated and studying extensively. Susan was always a great marketing scholar, but her skills were developed not only in the University but by being the best in her initial roles in her career path.

Although the businesswoman used to work in the American Eagle Outfitters, she left the company in 2009. She succeeded the previous chief executive officer of Wet Seal, the company she worked for in the past, in January of 2011.

Susan McGalla is now one of the leaders of Wet Seal.

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