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Brazil’s Very Own Ad Man: Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is considered to be one of the top advertising gurus in all of Brazil. Co-CEO and president of Mullen Lowe, Jose has played a tremendous part in making the company the most efficient advertising agency in all of Brazil.

Jose Borghi never intended to make a career in advertising as a child, however, decided upon the career path after being exposed to various Cannes award-winning advertisements. He is the man behind some of the most famous advertises in all of Brazil, one of which include an award winning ad for Mammals Parmalat, a campaign for wildlife protection and conservation. The commercial featured numerous children dressed up as stuffed animals, which instantly became a commercial hit all over Brazil.

Jose’s decision to pursue advertising led him to attain an advertising degree from the Pontifical University of Campinas, in Brazil., after which he started working as a writer and editor at Ogilvy, Brazil and subsequently, Leo Burnett where he took over as CEO of the company. During his time there, he created numerous memorable ads one of which included an ad for Fiat which gained the title ‘ad of the year’ in 2001.

Soon after this success, he branched out and decided to start his own advertising firm under the name of BorghiErh. Due to his previous successes, the company soon gained contracts with top companies and soon expanded their client base which included clients like Delta Airlines and American Express.

The company, however, started with absolutely no funding or backing. Building the entire company from the ground up has been one of Jose’s greatest achievements. Jose Borghi’s approach to advertising has always been geared towards going where no one else has gone before. He believes in relying on hard work and perseverance rather than luck of fate to help him achieve his goals and be the best in his field.

The decision to merge with Mullen Lowe was taken after Jose decided to focus his efforts on establishing a more global outlook for the company. Initially, the firm went by the name of Borghi/Lowe but soon rebranded it to Mullen Lowe Brazil as part of their image overhaul. Along with co-CEO Andre Gomes, the two worlds renowned ad pages soon established a wide network of over 90 ad agencies in over 60 different countries. Together, their efforts have helped Mullen Lowe grow in the right direction and gain the right clients to become one of the most prestigious advertising agencies in all of Brazil.