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Yeonmi Park’s Book is Gripping to Read

While many books would take a few days or even weeks to read, there are a few books that would take a hold of the reader like Yeonmi Park‘s book, “In order to Survive”. Yeonmi Park’s book is often read within hours because it talks about so many acts that people have never heard of. Yeonmi Park has lived through unimaginable circumstances growing up in North Korea. The book talks about the different aspects of the Kim regime. It also talks a little bit about the famine that has occurred which set the stage for the life that Yeonmi Park had to live starving to death and having to sleep on the streets without her parents. The many pages that Yeonmi Park has written are very hard to put down. Whenever one has sworn that he has read the worst of it, he is then hit in the gut with another heart wrenching incident that the book on Amazon describes Yeonmi going through. Her experiences and her treatment at the hands of the traffickers after her escape from North Korea were beyond savage. As her book describes, Yeonmi Park has shown on BBC that the human spirit is very strong. One thing that Yeonmi Park had that probably helped her was a good family life at some points. Even though they lived under the oppressive regime, her family has always treated her good. She is still close with her mother who has protected her from the traffickers. Yeonmi Park has also appreciated how the people of North Korea were more connected than other developed countries. For instance, the lack of consistent electricity has resulted in Yeonmi and other North Koreans relying on each other for interaction. One of the things she has noticed about the more free countries is that they are glued to their devices. However, Yeonmi is still fighting for the freedom of people from any kind of oppression. As part of her fight she is studying law and criminal justice so that she can be better equipped in the fight. She is also looking for people to help her in her quest to free other North Koreans from the oppression.