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Ricardo Guimares the Best for BMG

For some, leadership is acquired while for some, it is inborn. Ricardo Guimares falls in the category of the latter. Ricardo’s financial prowess is unparalleled. This Brazillian born business icon has experience in finance and management that spans for over three decades. Ricardo currently wears two hats both as the president and chief executive officer of Banco BMG, a privately owned Brazillian Bank. Ricardo’s financial career has been rising and rising dating way back to the 1980s. Guimares’ success has a history too as he comes from a wealthy family in Brazil. BMG started as Land Credit Bank and was started by Guimares’ grandfather. This lending facility offered loans to farmers in the 20th century. Ricardo’s meteoric rise began when he decided to follow the family path and studied finance and management in college. It is in 2004 that Ricardo was appointed as the CEO of Banco, having served as chief finance officer and later the vice president of the company.


It is not in doubt that for a business to grow to the scales of BMG it requires more than just academic knowledge. Guimares has a gift. It takes more than just a gift for a bank like BMG to be one of the leading commercial banks in Brazil. Ricardo has what it takes to grow an organization from zero to an economic giant. We are talking about a bank with over three thousand branches and over five thousand agents in BMG. This can only be equated to a situation waiting to happen. The bank won’t just stop growing. With Guimares at the helm, one can only bet of an organization that will grow and grow. Talking of the position in the market, no bank is a match. BMG has grown its client base to sixty percent under the leadership of Ricardo. This has made other banks look as if they are just spectators as opposed to players in the Brazilian market. BMG is just dominant by right.


The citizens of Brazil can only thank their God for the gift of Guimares. Even with the good performance of BMG, Ricardo says that he is not even at half of his ability. He promises of more to come as he believes that the Brazilian banking industry is yet to be exploited. Ricardo also believes that personal loans can even become more affordable. It is an understatement to conclude that Guimares has the best interest for Brazilians at heart which is a rare combination for someone who is also a corporate mogul. BMG is the bank in Brazil that every other bank has to be on the watch out. With Ricardo still at the helm, other banks’ CEOs have no option but to up their game to compete for clients.


Ricardo Guimaraes is one of the luckiest entrepreneurs and business moguls in the country. He hails from successful and richest families in Minas Gerais. The son of Flavio Pentagma Guimaraes has invested in various sectors of the e-economy that includes agriculture, cannery and coffee plantations. Guimaraes is a talented and innovative entrepreneur and president of BMG bank. He has demonstrated excellent leadership skills in transforming the BMG bank to the leading bank in the consignment industry. Mr. Ricardo’s family has been in the banking sector for over a century. His grandfather was the renowned founder of land credit bank in 1930.
Under the leadership of Mr. Guimaries, BMG group has undertaken strategic measures to position itself as a giant in the lending industry. The bank has a well-trained and professional team that spearhead the bank’s agenda in serving the vast population with banking services. Since Guimaraes took the leadership mantle of the group, it has occupied over 60% of the credit market in over 3000 points of sales and 60000 agents. The bank is famous for its low interest for customers with low default rate. The initiative taken by Guimaraes in targeting low-income owners has propelled the bank to its glory in the credit market.
Talking of Guimaraes and BMG, its worth mentioning the numerous sponsorship they offer for Brazilian sports industry. The Brazilian football has changed and improved its performance from massive funding given by the bank. Guimaraes is also advancing its sponsorship agenda venturing in other traditional and modern sports. The majority of the players in the national championships are connected to the BMG bank. Also, the majority of the clubs participating in the league have a partnership with BMG. The bank has also made huge returns from investing in the sports.
The BMG bank has maintained an open sponsorship program that is not biased to any clubs. It funds all the clubs that meet its prerequisite requirements. This policy has made the bank outstanding and excels in the sports maintaining the partnership program across all the leading clubs. The bank has also outdone the major sponsors of the league like coca cola and Adidas. The bank also makes profits from advertising sector. These combined revenues are the backbone of the banks muscle in the credit industry. The leadership of Guimaraes has demonstrated BMG’s potential in the future of banking sector.

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Four Fun Facts About Ricardo Guimarães

The BMG bank is one that is dedicated to its customers and their satisfaction, but it has not always been this way. Since Ricardo Guimarães took the bank over in 2004, the people of the bank have been continuously more satisfied with what the bank has to offer for them. Ricardo Guimarães is an excellent bank owner, but there are a few things you may not know about him.

He has dedicated his career to the bank. The BMG bank is one of the top banks in Brazil, but when Ricardo Guimarães started there it hadn’t always been that way. He started at the bank as his first career move and has made every effort to improve the bank since he began working there. He has only worked for the bank and has essentially dedicated his life as well as his career to the success of the bank.

He likes to focus on customers. Like most business owners, Guimarães knows that a profitable business model is the key to not only surviving but also to flourishing with the bank. This is something that he has seen as an obstacle that he needs to overcome and something that has given him the opportunity to drive his focus toward the customers. He has always been sure that satisfied customers are what leads to larger profits and there is no exception now that he is the owner of the bank. He has worked to shift his focus to the customers which has also increased the profits for the bank.

He enjoys sponsoring athletes. There are many athletes that have sponsors, but some of the hardest working ones bear the BMG symbol on their attire. This is because Ricardo Guimarães will only sponsor the hardest working and most dedicated athletes that he can find. He is also sure to sponsor athletes that perform on an international level because he believes it is one of the best ways to get the word out about his business on an international level. This approach is something that many bank owners would not think to take on.

He wants the employees to succeed. As much as Guimarães wants his customers to succeed, he also wants his employees to succeed. Since he started out at the company as an employee, he knows what it is like to be one of them. He makes sure that the people who he employs do not feel like they are working for him, but feel like they are working with him. This is one of the many ways that he has made his company more successful and better able to provide everyone with the best banking experience in the banking industry in Brazil.

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Get In Touch With the Developments Offered by Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG

Managing a business takes great care and attention to many changes that occur with time. Many individuals will cite many challenges despite the fact that they hold educational qualifications that show they should be able to manage a business in any environment. However, this is not what matters most. The experience you have will determine the overall performance of any venture. Skills such as doing research and giving the right interpretation of information will also contribute greatly towards ensuring your business stays intact. Despite soaring competition, BMG has been able to stand out among leading banks in Brazil. They have displayed massive ability to handle market volatility and many changes that have affected transactions. Guimarães of Banco BMG has been a resource to the company and has been able to handle different processes, which are necessary to help them handle rising competition.

According to an article posted here, BMG has entered into a commercial partnership with renowned Brazilian tennis player, Marcelo Melo, who is expected to participate in the 2016 Olympics competitions. Ricardo Guimarães expresses hope that the player will be able to excel in the competition, something that is expected to bring more publicity for the company. They made an agreement that will allow Mercelo to don uniform made with a badge for the company. This is part of the great marketing techniques that will help the company to claim a better position in the market.

Ricardo Guimarães is also optimistic that they will have a lasting relationship with Marcelo Melo. Marcelo is a reliable player, who has also participated in many other competitions previously, scooping a great position. This is one of the things that have motivated BMG to consider a partnership with the player, something that could lead to better deals in future. The partnership, which was signed in early November, 2015, is expected to offer support, both financial and material, to the player so he can easily prepare for the forthcoming competitions.

Previously, BMG has sponsored various football teams, which Ricardo Guimarães explains have been able to scoop a better position. This is part of the agreement the company has signed to offer support to the community in every way so as to help others make their lives better. Many young individuals have benefited from this initiative, which has been able to offer opportunities for many to develop their talents and to hone their skills further.



Banco BMG is private bank owned by the Pentagna Guimares.Its CEO is Ricardo Guimares, who has been at the helm since 2004.The family has run the bank for 85 years since 1930.It offers various financial solutions to people and is the market leader in Consigned credit. It is headquartered in Bero Horizonte Brazil and is affiliated with BMG group of companies. The BMG group of companies is a Dutch bank started in 1889 which allows Banco BMG to raise capital in its Bonds floated in the international market.

Ricardo Guimares is the current CEO of the bank. He has been with the bank since 1980 and currently serves as the president. He started his career when it was then called Grupo BMG S.S de C.V. In 1989 he was named the Chief Financial Officer of the bank. He was appointed the Vice President in 1996 and president in 2004.He is a business administration graduate from the Una Faculdade Ciencias Gerenciais.
Mr Guimares has been with the bank during one of its most crucial periods. He has led it through one of the most remarkable periods in its growth. In 2004 when he took over, the bank had a 20% market share. Today, the market share has grown to 80% in an $ 114billion market. It is important to note that less than 50 % has been penetrated. The Company today has a market capitalization of $ 2.5 billion up from $ 300 million. It also has one of the largest distribution networks in Brazil. It has over 3000 points of sale terminals and 50000 agents located all over the country. It allows it to deploy and scale technology very fast in the entire country.
Guimares is an award winning leader. He has been awarded as the best CEO once in 2012, and the bank is currently the best financial conglomerate in Brazil. He has led it through a significant period. It today has over 5 million customers and growing rapidly. It recently acquired Banco GE and Banco Schain. It also the biggest sponsor of sports teams in Brazil. It sponsors over 100 teams across all soccer division in the Brazilian League. It has also opened a sports TV cable TV that has provided exposure to over 60,000 youths in the soccer wealthy country. Brazilians love sports and soccer is a religion. It has allowed the bank to get one of the biggest reaches in the area. It is today a well-known Brand.
Mr Guimares advice those seeking to enter the market to position themselves well enough. They should hire the best and work the hardest. It is this simple philosophy that has seen it reach this far.

What You Should Learn From BMG For Business Management

Businesses are now able to easily manage their affairs using different technological features that have been made available. Unlike older days when the implementation of processes could take days or hours, it is now possible to achieve all these things within few clicks. This is part of the great innovations that have been made, thereby making business better across many levels. Managers are now able to access different information within few clicks, something that makes decision making and implementation easier. However, this has not been sufficient to allow for one to fully attain the required levels of stability. There is more that one should do to make a business visible and more reputable. BMG offers a great example of a business that has been able to tread across challenges without getting any weaker. In the Brazilian banking sector, BMG stands among the biggest and most reliable brands.

Hiring is one of the core aspects that allow a business to emerge successful. Many have not been able to appreciate this fact and this explains the reason many businesses have been offering poor quality products that cannot match market standards. BMG has taken hiring seriously and in this regard, they have always considered working with dedicated professionals, who are able to come up with unique transformative ideas. The company has also instilled a program that offers regular training to the workers to allow them to keep up with market standards and requirements.

Research is something that should never be overlooked if one wants to achieve success within any business. This is something MBG has invested in so as to get the right information in time. The banking sector, just like any other business, is current and changes happen each day. BMG has considered this fact and have been able to absorb some of the best professionals, who have been tasked with research and market analysis to offer information that is necessary for the attainment of success within the company.

According to their president Ricardo Guimarães, BMG has worked to ensure their services are brought nearer to the customers and that no person will need to walk long distances so as to access account information. They have opened more than 2500 outlets, with also over 40000 agents across the whole of Brazil. This is also among few companies that have offered sponsorship for young talents, especially athletics and football, which has seen many build success around their lives.