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Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences: Leading the way in Biotech!

Paragon Biosciences, is one of the leading biotech investment firms in the industry today. Paragon has fostered several companies that target fulfilling critical disparities in the medical community. The company formulates medications designed to cure chronic health disorders. They aim to decrease the more than 6,000 diseases that we face today. The company’s portfolio includes well-developed subsidiaries such as Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals (CCP), a biopharmaceutical business that is working on remedies for patients with extreme dermatologic conditions guided by Jeff Aronin. Harmony Biosciences works at developing, seeking approval, and exacting drugs to meet the needs of patients with insomnia and central nervous system syndrome. Decade, a company that explores Alzheimer’s disease; strives to advance patient quality-of-life outcomes. In addition, Precision BP explorers and develops treatments to address rare transmissible oncology diseases.

Paragon Biosciences focuses on four acute exploration and curative clinical trial areas. These include central nervous system disorders, orphan dermatology, broad dermatology, and other high medical needs. The company leads the way by bridging the medical gap and overcoming barriers to deliver dynamic medications to ailing patients.

Jeff Aronin, chief executive officer and chairman of Paragon Biosciences LLC stays in front of addressing unmet medical needs. Pioneering the way, he brought 13 new drugs to the medical market. CEO Jeff Aronin graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from DePaul University. Mr. Aronin’s illustrious career began in the healthcare field. He strategically formulated his own company in 2000, Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. With this platform, he promoted patients’ wellbeing and drug treatment advancement. In 2009, his biomedical venture was purchased by Danish pharma company Lundbeck Inc. Mr. Aronin remained on as CEO through the company’s transition, enhancing the company’s seamless success. He later brought his innovative and indelible chairmanship experience and know-how to Paragon Biosciences LLC in 2010. Jeff Aronin has a talent and desire to bring together the best biotech scientists and corporate executives, invoking groundbreaking medical improvement. The experienced and accomplished businessman has been honored for his significant efforts with the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award which speaks to his expertise and sustainable successes.

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