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Cleansing Conditioner: A Better Way To Care For Your Hair

When it comes to hair care, you have more options than you probably know what to do with. Shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, leave-in products, etc.

The problem with many of them is that they either strip hair of the natural oils that are essential to healthy-looking hair, or they weigh hair down with too much product build-up.

Hair that’s stripped of its natural oils is dry, unmanageable and tends to get frizzy, and is subject to split ends. Hair that is weighed down is flat, dull and lifeless-looking.

Wen By Chaz offers a solution for product overload with its line of cleansing conditioners. These products balance your hair so that you don’t overdo it with unnecessary products your hair doesn’t need. Not only that, but you are getting natural, premium ingredients that pamper and nourish your hair.

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The result is shiny, silky hair that is easy to style and protected against the effects of over drying. Say goodbye to frizzy, static-ey and unmanageable hair. And, as an added bonus, according to thousands of women reviews that Wen hair care products smell amazing.

Wen products are revolutionary hair care products that will change the way you care for your hair. These products come in amazing fragrances like Fall Apple Spice, Bamboo Green Tea, Cucumber Aloe and Sweet Almond Mint. There are formulas for all hair types.

Treat your hair to something special, and enjoy the simplicity that comes from reducing your hair care regimen to one step!

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Lime Crime Products Vlogger Leslie Breaks The Internet With Youtube Video

Leslie is a video blogger that decided to try Lime Crime velvetine matte for the first time and she used her own money. She decided to give an actual account of it use by making a Youtube video that would introduce her fan base to the cosmetic line. She has tried up to 20+ products and has matched them with various styles and outfits to inspire other women to be bold with their makeup choices. She did a tutorial that shows her fans several ways to apply and use the Lime Crime cosmetic products and how to match them with various outfits.

From Twitter, Lime Crime advises that you should never pile Lime Crime products on top of other lipsticks or mattes. You should always apply Lime Crime to clean dry lips. During the video Lime Crime cosmetics went on smooth and were very easy to apply. They also transformed well from a day to night look. She decided that she would continue to use their product line for her own makeup selection for now on. Leslie was also able to show their customers how easy it is to order their products online and have them conveniently shipped to your door. Most forms of payment are accepted through their online website.

If you’re interested in unique products that can easily be ordered from their official website. Leslie warns the customers not the fooled by other cosmetic lines that say they offer velvetine matte products. Discover Lime Crime for rich bold colors from your cosmetics.