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Wengie’s Arm Pit Hack

Hairy armpits are a subject that few girls discuss. However, Wengie has a lot of great tips to share with her viewers about arm pits. She shares that a lot of her viewers made interesting comments about her super clean and sexy underarm area. They expressed a desire to find out her secret. Well, Wengie is all about sharing her beauty secrets and even this arm pit hack. In this YouTube video, Wengie shares all her hairy secrets. Wengie remains one of the top beauty bloggers online and a very popular YouTuber because of her candid beauty advice.

Hairy Situations
Wengie is an Australian based beauty blogger and owner of the most popular Asian beauty channel in Australia. Wengie also shares that she has always had a problem with excess hair her entire life. Even in high school, excess hair was a problem. She reveals that she has always had hairy armpits, legs, and arms. True, many Asians do not have that hair problem. Most Asians have very smooth, almost hairless skin. However, Wengie shares that the exact opposite was true for her. Wengie also reveals that she shaved her armpits, but this was not the best way to treat the problem. Certainly, many of her fans experienced this very same condition. In this video, Wengie shares a permanent way to get rid of excess hair quickly and very effectively.

About Wengie
Wengie is an Australian-Chinese beauty that has made quite a name for herself on YouTube. She is the creator of the Wonderful World of Wengie Channel on YouTube. Currently, Wengie’s channel has more than two million subscribers. Billions view her channels over the course of a year. Wengie was born and raised in Australia. However, many of her beauty tips are Asian inspired. She enjoys sharing Asian inspired products with those that might not be aware of the products. However, all her beauty tips, hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, DIY, hacks, and skincare tutorials are for everyone. Wengie also updates her videos on a regular basis. Check out her latest hacks on her YouTube channel.


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