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Zac Efron Talks Madonna Ringside And Baywatch Movie Sequel On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

When Zac Efron is a late night guest, then you know the women in the audience are going wild.


That’s exactly what happened when Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently had the handsome actor take a seat next to Jimmy Kimmel. Cat-calls were going off for just about everything the “Baywatch” movie sequel star spoke about during the interview.


Jimmy Kimmel quipped that he thought the vocal female audience members were into him when he walked out for his monologue, but he realized the ladies were actually in the house for the appearance of Zac Efron.


Jimmy Kimmel told the star that he had seen him on television next to Madonna at the UFC fight at Madison Square Garden. He wanted to know if the two had hooked up and how he happened to be seated ringside with the iconic singer for the Conor McGregor fight.


Zac Efron explained that he’s a huge fan of McGregor’s and followed the assigned labeled seats until he found his name. He passed by several major stars’ names and finally found his seat in the front row, right next to Madonna and no other seat open after that.


Zac Efron couldn’t believe he was sitting elbow to elbow with Madonna, but it was a cool coincidence and he enjoyed her company.


Madonna knows a lot about MMA and was totally into the fight, Zac Efron says.


Jimmy Kimmel pressed him for romantic details. He says Madonna only tapped him on the arm.