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Andy Cohen’s WWHL Cross-Country Road Trip Scores Big In L.A.

“Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” Bravo’s late-night, hilarious interactive talk show has been on the road for the past week, wowing much larger audiences in Los Angeles.


The talk show host was happy to hit the road and see how the other side lives, and the audience of 500 was enjoying the show, selling out the Beacon venue quickly. In New York City, the clubhouse headquarters of “Watch What Happens Live” only has room for an audience of 34.


Andy Cohen is loving the energy, and he thinks it’s also great for home TV viewers. The traveling show opens up lots of various booking opportunities, the longtime host says, so it’s a win-win for all.


Andy Cohen is one of the busiest late night television hosts around, and his broadcast presence is branching out even farther. Cohen is making the move to Thursday with the premiere of Fox’s “Love Connection” reboot. In addition to WWHL, Andy also features the primetime interview series “Then and Now” and the network’s many reality series reunions.


Another exciting venture debuts this summer with a syndicated version of “Watch What Happens Live.” It will kick off a six-week test run beginning June 26th.


Andy says he’s all for it if the Bravo cable network decides on more traveling shows in the future. Chicago and any city in Texas are favorites, he says. As long as you can get guests to these cities, it’s a lot of fun to go big.