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Why You Should Look Forward to Big Things from Andrew Rocklage

Andrew is an enigma. He represents a new breed of young entrepreneurs that are not afraid to start businesses that fall outside the bounds of their careers. It is quite common to see an employed individual amass decades of experience in a particular industry then decide to form a business in that industry.

Andrew Rocklage, however, did the opposite. After studying and practicing management and law for years, he decided to start his entrepreneurial journey in a completely different field by launching an indoor trampoline park: Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

With this business doing quite well, Andrew Rocklage is not only creating a name for himself but also showing that there is no single, conventional way of going into entrepreneurship. Any entry method founded in knowledgeable strategy and a strong desire to succeed will likely work.

While the phrase “leader not manager” has today been misused to the point of becoming a cliché, it is true when it comes to Andrew Rocklage. In addition to being quite apt at developing brands, he also likes to develop the people around him. He has personally groomed and developed many of the employees that work at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. As a result, the park has higher quality customer relations than most of the competing recreational centers. It is no surprise that the park is one of the most popular in the country and has quite a high customer retention rate.

Before founding his current business, Andrew Rocklage was quite an accomplished professional. He previously served as the corporate counsel to EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Before that, he had also served as a legal a consultant at the same time. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage:

His time at EPHIRUS was preceded by successive stints at law firms Doherty, Wallace, Pitsburry and Murphy P.C., and Avery, Dooley, and Noone, LLP as a law clerk. Prior to that, he worked at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, first as a legal intern then more permanently as a legal consultant. Before that, he had briefly worked for a number of sports brands including the Boston Red Socks and Major League Lacrosse.

Having to combine principles of law and business throughout his years of professional experience is what has made Andrew Rocklage such an adept and successful entrepreneur.

He is a graduate of both the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (B.S. Sports Management and Economics) and Suffolk University (Juris Doctor). Additionally, his inquisitive nature has combined with his years’ experience in technology, to make him one of the most innovative businessmen in Boston.

The future looks quite exciting for Andrew Rocklage. Judging from the nature of unconventional career and business decisions made thus far, it does not seem like he will be stopping anytime soon.

One day we will look back on many of Rocklage’s decisions that we found unconventional and label them acts of genius.