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Amy Adams Once Worked Selling Licorice

These days, Amy Adams is best known for her five Golden Globe nominations and versatile acting resume that includes a fairytale ending as a princess in ‘Enchanted.’ Before any of that happened though, she was just a kid trying to make some extra spending money. As she explained to Jimmy Kimmel in a recent interview, her very first job included selling licorice to rodeo attendees in Ogden, Utah.

She recounted the story to Kimmel in a post-Golden-Globes visit to his late night talk show. Adams, from a family of seven children, frequently spent summers and holidays with her grandparents in Utah. With seven kids, she explained, her parents didn’t typically give out an allowance as money was tight, and the kids expected to be spoiled a little more visiting their grandparents.

Her grandparents decided to be a little more practical than the kids expected when they went to stay with the grandparents for the summer, telling them, “If you want anything, you’re going to have to earn it.” After doing chores in exchange for making money, her older brother decided to check out the local classifieds, and landed himself a job selling burgers at the rodeo. He was the one to get Adams a job as well, even though she was only 12 at the time.

Adams credits her brother for the money-making scheme that allowed her to save up and buy all of her own clothes when it came time to go back to school. She added that not only did her brother promise to sell more burgers than the rodeo had ever sold before, but he did it, and he even got a share of the profits. He also convinced their grandparents to pay them the standard minimum wage for chores and presented them with an invoice at the end of the summer. It sounds like he had the right head for business!