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Flavio Maluf Keeps Innovating Through Eucatex

Flavio Maluf had no idea of what he would become after working in his company. As a matter of fact, he was endeavoring to attain better business management in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. He attended his college education at the University of Penteado Fundacao. During his time at the company, he worked hard to achieve better business management to develop working capabilities. For the company, they are always engaged towards achieving working instrumental assessment protocols. He also gained the knowledge to have the necessary credentials to attain better business management. For him, his business was to study and become the greatest business individual in the country.


When he finished schooling at the University, he graduated with the highest honors in Mechanical Engineering discipline. For this reason, he attained the minimum grade required to enter the New York Business School. As a matter of fact, we are entitled to attain working capabilities in a manner that is not engaged in the industry. For decades, Flavio Maluf attained better business capabilities in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. While in college, he worked hard to grasp all the necessary knowledge to get his way through the Brazilian business market. He also graduated with the highest honors in this capability. During that time, he was working to become a better business capability manager. For this reason, he entered a trade union with the best business models in the country.


When Flavio Maluf came back home, he got an opportunity to commence his working capabilities at the trade section of the country. For this reason, business stretched his mark of empowerment to determine business relations and models. Flavio Maluf also worked in the trade department to open new ways to export their products to other parts of the world including Canada, Hong Kong, Perth, Singapore, and Monaco. Flavio Maluf has the capability to spot an opportunity and work on that opportunity. For this reason, he worked hard to achieve better business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Flavio Maluf has led Eucatex to profitability and greatness.


A Review Of The Viable Investment Options In 2017

New Year is synonymous with fresh start and a new life. For investors and entrepreneurs, it means an opportunity to conduct adequate market research and work on turning their business around. Such investors should pay close attention to Eucatex president’s opinion on the sectors that he expects to perform well in 2017.

Flavio Maluf believes that investors should focus on technological innovations. He particularly notes that the tools and platforms aimed at making administration and disclosures easy are going to excel in 2017. He advises investors to invest in such businesses as every company is looking for innovative solutions.

He posits that the products that please youths are also expected to do well. Flavio notes that the millennials form the bulk of new consumers. He goes on to assert that the organizations that will manage to woo them will end up reporting high profitability margins. Investors should note that this group focuses on trendy fashion and as such, their products should incorporate such designs.

Today, many people are working remotely owing to the improved internet connectivity. This number is expected to rise in the near future. To this end, companies that offer training to employees working far from their work stations will continue to grow. Investors and entrepreneurs should consider investing in this space.

Flavio is also expecting that the fitness tools for smartphones will have exponential growth. According to the president of Eucatex, this generation’s obsession with health, beauty, and body products has created the demand for fitness tools. This way, potential entrepreneurs should focus on technologies that aid in measuring calories, keeping up with healthy eating, making nutritional records, and supporting sports habits.

Moreover, e-commerce continues to thrive. Maluf notes that there is an increasing number of the people who are adopting online shopping. The executive urges entrepreneurs to develop creative products that appeal to the shoppers. He notes that this field is growing at a faster rate compared to physical stores.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian corporate executive. The shrewd entrepreneur is the chief executive officer and president of Eucatex. He joined the company in 1989. Previously, he worked for Citibank in New York. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from Fundacao Armando Alvares Pentado.






Rio de Janeiro: A Tourist Hotspot And A Startup Mecca

In terms of living conditions, Rio de Janeiro is number one in the world, according to many Brazilians and other people familiar with the city. Sure, Rio has more than its fair share of crime, but who can resist the granite cliffs, the lush jungle canopy, and the picture-perfect beaches that make Rio one of the best cities in the world for bikini watching. Brainstorming about the next new startup seems to be the business flavor of the day in cafés overlooking the ocean. And team building while hiking through the mountains looks like the new way to exercise.



Event holders are taking advantage of Rio’s stunning landscape and diverse culture to promote new startups. Regardless of what some Brazilians think, Rio is transforming itself into a more attractive environment for Millennials and cosmopolitan professionals. More private investment is pouring into the city, according to Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex. Eucatex is one of Brazil’s leading exporters. Maluf thinks the new government programs that are improving security, transportation, and 4G connectivity are helping his business and the startup industry in Brazil.



Maluf likes to say his grandfather was a pioneer in the startup industry. Maluf’s grandfather owned a sawmill in the state São Paulo, and he decided to start a company called Eucatex. Eucatex produced eucalyptus wood ceiling tiles in the 1950s. The tiles were a hit in the domestic market, and by 1960, Eucatex was shipping ceiling tiles to Argentina and Germany. Today, Eucatex has a presence in cities around the world. Branded and unbranded Eucatex products are sold in home improvement stores like Home Depot in The United States. Eucatex building materials are also used for residential and commercial building projects in Europe, South and North America.



Flavio Maluf is involved with the clean air imitative, and he also has an interest in the startup industry in Brazil. Maluf keeps a close watch on the startup markets in São Paulo and Rio. The Brazilian government is encouraging more business development, and that is helping the country pull out of the crippling depression. Maluf sees light at the end of this economic nightmare, and the number of new startups seems to indicate Maluf is right.