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Beneful: My Favorites

For years now I have been feeding my two Pitt Bulls the Beneful brand of dog food. I have continued to feed this brand for so long because my boys love it, and I find that it provides them with a great tasting, nutritionally complete product that gives them adequate nutrition. I try to keep Sativa and JoJo’s diet versatile, and with the line of Beneful dry and wet dog food options, I can easily do this. I will admit that I am partial to some of the Beneful products than I am others. Here are my three faves (and I really think that, if my dogs could talk, they would agree with me.):

1. Beneful Incredibles
Beneful Incredibles is available in both chicken and beef flavors. I try to rote the flavors to keep my dog interested. This is one of my favorites because it tastes great to both dogs –they eat it up so quickly. And, it provides 100% of the daily needed nutrients. This dog food is great for small dogs and large ones alike, with great chunky mixtures for your dog’s pleasure.

2. Beneful Chopped Blends
First, Chopped Blends is available on in three varieties, including the Chicken, Tomatoes and Carrots blend; the Beef, rice, tomatoes and carrots blend; and the Salmon blend. I think that JoJo prefers the Beef while Sativa loves the Salmon more than anything. I love that this dog food is moist and tender and has a great smell and taste that my dogs love.

3. Healthy Smiles Dental Twists
Okay, so this is not actually dog food, but instead one of the awesome Beneful on twitter treats available. I love to read my pets, and they love the reward for their good behavior. the dental treats not only offer your et a great reward, they also keep the teeth clean and the breath smelling fresh. They’re also very affordable.

Final Thoughts
Beneful is a rand that I have trusted to provide the extra members of my family with tasty, complete nutrient for so long now. The products listed above are my three faves. I know that you will develop your own favorites as you get to know the various products in the Beneful line. This brand has what you want and need to keep your pet healthy! I love it.

What do dogs look for in a dog food

Many people consider their dogs simple pets and provide them with whatever food is cheap giving no consideration of the dogs desires at all. Of course one would be lying or crazy if they said that they were fully aware of all of the thoughts of a dog, but much can be inferred by observing and understanding dog behavior on How they react to their food and how much they eat and the impact that the food has on their behaviors are just two aspects of this. This article will discuss the process of choosing dog foods from the perspective of the dog and show how a pet owner should go about choosing a dog food that keeps their dog happy and healthy..

Like all creatures, dog are in need of healthy and nutritious qualifies that appropriate in size. That should the first concern of a pet owner and safety is important as well, particularly when talking about dog food. It is a good idea to find a dog food with a good reputation for being healthy for dogs and regularly tested by dog nutritionists so that it can allow the dog to grow into a healthy pet. A big brand like Nestle Purina Beneful comes in as a good choice here. They hire food nutrition and specialists to produce the highest quality food which gives them a major advantage over their competition. As such Nestle Purina is a great choice for new or existing dog owners.

Next, dogs like variety in their food just as humans do. It can be very dull to eat the same thing every day. Choose a brand like Beneful which offers a wide range of food options for dogs. Be sure they have options for different aged dogs as well as different food flavors so that the dogs keeps an interest in their food and engaged while eating.

Freshness of food also makes a big difference. Food that sits on a shelf for a long time leads to a decrease in the nutritional value of the food as well as the flavor of the food. In some cases, dog food has developed parasites thereby harming their pets. To avoid this, choose a popular dog food brand that has a good reputation and sells well, as does Beneful. Beneful is one of the leading brands in the United States and you can do well keeping with the leader in market as their food tends to be fresher and more widely available than their competition, both of which make your life easier.

As we have seen, there are many things that a dog would look for in a dog food and many of them rival are own preferences. Having a healthy and nutritious meal is important to us as is having variety and fresh food options. Both are also important to your dog. Choose the safe and healthy choice and your dog will thank you for it. He is, after all, part of the family and deserves nutritious food.

Beneful and End Results

Raising dogs is not easy. However according to Beneful on Twitter, they are not four-legged versions of people. Dogs are their own breed, and the popular athletic dogs we know today were probably bred for specific reasons. Traditionally, throughout the centuries, dogs were not pets, and many homes had no dog at all. Dogs were mostly bred for hunting or protection, but never as a pet to be solely a companion for humans. I am still that way in my thinking today. This is in spite of the fact that some dogs are bred solely for companionship and looks. This drive to have animals for this reason is why we have so many breeds of dogs today, and it also the reason that many of these dogs have intrinsic health issues that cause them to live very labored lives in spite of their owners thoughts to the contrary. Breeding for utilitarian purposes not only included breeding a dog to enhance natural instincts like pointing or herding, they were also bred according to the standards of those that follow good animal husbandry practices.

This means breeding dogs to improve the breed, and this is the only reason most credible kennel clubs will give to someone breeding or looking to breed dogs for whatever reason. In traditional animal husbandry, animals were bred to be hardy, and dogs with diseases or issues would be eliminated from the pool of breeding. They also breed to prevent issues in birth. None of these good characteristics are even considered with some of today’s breeders that put looks over the dog’s health or breeding to better a specific breed. Many of these toy breeds and lap breeds have breathing issues and issues with delivering puppies because these issues have been allowed to remain in the gene pool because they coincide with specific looks. For instance, no dog should be kept in purses and carried everywhere. However, that is a very stringent trend today. Additionally, many of these dogs have digestive issues, natural allergies and even diabetes that adversely affect their entire lives for their entire, short lifespans.

We breed dogs to be hardy and disease free. The breed that we have has some incidences of hip issues, but we only take healthy dogs that are certified 100 percent free of the disease. We also plan potential breeding sessions very well to prevent causing or proliferating any intrinsic issues. Because I also use my dogs around the farm and in hunting, I know issues that occur in dogs that are highly active and healthy that I will eliminate if they present themselves. By following all of these standards and even more, I am constantly improving the breed. The proof is in the looks, health and vigor of my dogs. However, good genes and good breeding would not help if I did not feed them complete, full nutrition. I feed Beneful, and I also send it out when new owners pick up their puppies. I explain to not expect my results without using the Beneful.

Purina: Best in Show

Purina Petcare, a division of Nestlé, was formed in 2001 when Nestlé acquired Ralston Purina for $10.3 billion. They sell an array of products, touching in the pet food, treats, and litter categories. They are currently one of the largest pet food companies in the world and the largest in the United States according to the Purina Newscenter.

Employing over 7,300 associates in the U.S., Purina can boast about its growth and improvement over the last 13 years. In 2010, the company won the Malcolm Bridge National Quality Award for its outstanding performance in the organizational and manufacturing categories. They have 20 factories in the U.S. and a team of more than 500 scientists and nutritionists helping to make sure that a majority of their pet food products are produced at home. Some achievements to be proud of include donating to over 940 animal welfare organizations last year and having their brand, Purina Pro Plan, be used to feed the last nine Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show winners. Purina is also involved in sponsoring the Purina Pro Plan incredible Dog Challenge, which consists of “Olympic-style” events for the nation’s hopeful pups.

9-Square Ventures is a new business unit, formed within Purina, to help them accomplish their goals of helping pets grow and thrive. This venture is currently making investments in new and upcoming pet businesses to help take the Purina brand to an even higher level. They are actively looking at new pet food and snack brands, pet care businesses and food technology for any companies than can help enhance products and their benefits to their loyal customers.

To help bring together their employees with the underlying message that pets are the number one priority, Purina has initiated a pet-friendly office venture that allows employees to bring their pets to work. They have a website,, and have implemented a social media hashtag (#petsatwork) to help share photos, stories, and tips about bringing pets to work. Studies show that having pets at work can boost morale and work ethic because people will be happier in the workplace.

How Beneful Is Keeping Dogs Happy and Healthy

Every dog has his or her own unique personality. However, there’s a few things which most dogs have in common. And one of the biggest shared traits has to do with food. Most dog owners can attest to the fact that dogs are obsessed with “people food”. It’s a rare dog who isn’t keenly interested in the food his or her owners are eating. Part of this has to do with the pack mentality. Dogs love to be a part of their owner’s life. But there’s actually a more complex reason for their interest in people’s meals. And it has to do with the nature of dogfood.

There’s some food made for people which is notoriously unpleasant. One of the best examples of this is military rations. An MRE or “meal ready to eat” can supply all of a person’s nutritional needs. But the taste ranges from bland to outright unpleasant. Few people would choose to have them for a single meal. And almost nobody would want to have them three times a day for the rest of their life. There’s little appeal in sitting down to eat a bland brown bar of processed food every day. But that’s what many dogs have to look forward to every day. Most dog foods are only trying to provide a simple nutritional profile for dogs. At most they might put in some artificial colors so that it looks more cheerful to the dog’s owners. But often times the dogs themselves can’t even see in that color spectrum. It’s a sad fact that most dog foods put far more effort in attracting the eyes of consumers than in trying to make something the dog would actually enjoy.

Thankfully, there are some dog food brands out there which actually focus on the dog. One of the best examples is the Beneful brand of dog food. They begin by satisfying what every dog is craving when they look at their owner’s dinner table. Beneful dog food actually uses fresh, natural, and tasty ingredients for their dog food. The difference is obvious to anyone who takes a look at it. Beneful dog food actually looks like real food. It’s easy to see the ingredients which went into making it. If there’s chicken, one can see the chunks of chicken. If there’s beef, it’s easy to see.

But the appearance of Beneful’s food is only a hint at what’s really important there. The fact that one can so easily see natural ingredients within the food means that dogs can also taste it. For many dogs this is a life changing experience. For the first time they’re getting food that’s meant for them and which actually has real taste and texture to it. They can go from eating tasteless and bland meals every day to eating the delicious and tasty things that they crave. It’s really the best gift that any owner can give to his or her pet. A choice of foods such as Beneful will ensure that dogs can have the same enjoyment from their meals that people do.