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Olympian Chloe Kim Makes ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

One of the biggest stars of the 2018 Winter Olympics has been snowboarder Chloe Kim. She took home the gold medal for winning the women’s half pipe event. She became an instant superstar and media sensation after her win. She was inundated with interview requests. She decided her first national TV appearance back home should be on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” Fallon presented her with a giant version of her Kellogg’s corn flakes box while she was on the show. Fallon also had some fun by putting on a blond wig that resembled Kim’s hairstyle.

Kim also participated in Fallon’s famous skit where he has his guests “photo bomb” regular people who are posing for pictures. This basically means that the celebrity will sneak up behind the people and get into the photo without them realizing it. Kim did not appear to be nervous. On the contrary, she has thrived with the media spotlight on her. She seemed to be very comfortable talking to Jimmy and recapping her victorious performance in South Korea. She said that she had a good time. However, she did admit that she was not prepared for the attention that winning the gold medal would bring her.

Kim will be making more TV appearances in the weeks ahead. There is no question that her star is on the rise. Companies will offer her endorsement deals because of her fame and good looks. It will be interesting to see where she will turn up next.