Ricardo Guimaraes is one of the luckiest entrepreneurs and business moguls in the country. He hails from successful and richest families in Minas Gerais. The son of Flavio Pentagma Guimaraes has invested in various sectors of the e-economy that includes agriculture, cannery and coffee plantations. Guimaraes is a talented and innovative entrepreneur and president of BMG bank. He has demonstrated excellent leadership skills in transforming the BMG bank to the leading bank in the consignment industry. Mr. Ricardo’s family has been in the banking sector for over a century. His grandfather was the renowned founder of land credit bank in 1930.
Under the leadership of Mr. Guimaries, BMG group has undertaken strategic measures to position itself as a giant in the lending industry. The bank has a well-trained and professional team that spearhead the bank’s agenda in serving the vast population with banking services. Since Guimaraes took the leadership mantle of the group, it has occupied over 60% of the credit market in over 3000 points of sales and 60000 agents. The bank is famous for its low interest for customers with low default rate. The initiative taken by Guimaraes in targeting low-income owners has propelled the bank to its glory in the credit market.
Talking of Guimaraes and BMG, its worth mentioning the numerous sponsorship they offer for Brazilian sports industry. The Brazilian football has changed and improved its performance from massive funding given by the bank. Guimaraes is also advancing its sponsorship agenda venturing in other traditional and modern sports. The majority of the players in the national championships are connected to the BMG bank. Also, the majority of the clubs participating in the league have a partnership with BMG. The bank has also made huge returns from investing in the sports.
The BMG bank has maintained an open sponsorship program that is not biased to any clubs. It funds all the clubs that meet its prerequisite requirements. This policy has made the bank outstanding and excels in the sports maintaining the partnership program across all the leading clubs. The bank has also outdone the major sponsors of the league like coca cola and Adidas. The bank also makes profits from advertising sector. These combined revenues are the backbone of the banks muscle in the credit industry. The leadership of Guimaraes has demonstrated BMG’s potential in the future of banking sector.

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As found on Agencia Estado.

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