Caitlyn Jenner Getting Paid by E! for Trans Docu-Series? You Betcha!

The Kardashian/Jenner families have always been shrewd business people despite what their many critics might argue. So, should we all be that surprised by the E! cable network paying the former Bruce Jenner millions for her trans docu-series (I Am Cait) scheduled to air in late July?

No, we shouldn’t be stunned, but we should be amazed by the huge $5 million pay-day the former Olympic great will be receiving.

According to, E! is going way above and beyond what they have ever paid a solo reality show, but the 5 million figure appears to be the true amount. Let’s face it; this docu-series is going to be more than monumental. It will most likely be seen by many millions globally.

The gossip online tabloid also claims that 65-year-old Caitlyn Jenner spent some $4 million for her physical male-to-female transition says Sergio Cortes. Meantime, Caitlyn has been showing off her glmaorous new self with a Vanity Fair cover and story, and she is poised to receive the “Arthur Ashe Award for Courage” at the ESPY Awards show in July.

Caitlyn Jenner remains quite the topic du jour for the moment, but not everything is going her way. She still faces a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a fatal, highway car accident last February in Malibu. The two step-children of the victim Kim Howe claim the former Olympian great was “careless and negligent.”

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