Bryan Cranston Talks New Autobiography On Fallon: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

The name of the book is called A Life In Parts, and it’s actor Bryan Cranston’s autobiography. The book is receiving rave reviews and being called by many, a beautiful and honest celebrity memoir that will have you laughing and crying throughout.


The talented star sat down with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” recently, to promote his fascinating life story. The 60-year-old actor was actually born in Hollywood, a town that would create the man we’ve all known to come and admire.


The book is full of amazing parts and an engrossing read. Cranston charmed Jimmy Fallon with a great memory about his brother and himself working at a Daytona Polynesian restaurant back in the 1970s. The head chef was called Peter Wong, and the Cranstons hated him. He was mean and miserable. Each night, the restaurant would have a waiters’ meeting before the dining crowd came in, and employees would reveal how they would kill Peter Wong if given the opportunity.


Jimmy Fallon was howling with laughter, as Cranston decided he would slice the head chef in tender pieces. The season came to an end, and the Cranston brothers left town on their motorcycles for a new adventure. Suddenly, the Daytona Police stopped by the restaurant to ask if any former employees had talked about hurting or killing Peter Wong. The waiters named the Cranston brothers, and police put out an APB for them.


Of course, the bros were innocent, but quite a hilarious tale.

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