Bryan Cranston and Jimmy Fallon Discuss Holiday Trends

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston got together to discuss which holiday trends should be upheld—and which need to fall by the wayside as 2017 rapidly approaches. Fallon referred to the game as “Cranst In or Cranst Out” and the objective of the game was for Bryan Cranston to rapidly identify the traditions he felt were best. During rapid-fire questioning by the perky Fallon, Cranston revealed that he is not a fan of plastic Christmas trees, but that he does enjoy Christmas carols.


As the audience egged them on, Fallon and Cranston then discussed the possible merits of eggnog itself. While Cranston was unenthusiastic, Fallon surveyed the audience to see what they thought. Cranston seemed genuinely surprised by the number of people rooting for eggnog, and then Fallon went on to describe a Cuban Christmas drink that he believed Cranston would have found more suitable.


For many viewers, it is always interesting to see Cranston on stage—and not in his Walter White mode. This appearance on Fallon’s show was no exception, highlighting Cranston’s unbelievable versatility and calm, cool demeanor. With a shiny new nomination for a Golden Globe and a hilarious appearance on Saturday Night Live, it would appear that Cranston is showing no signs of slowing down after Breaking Bad.


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