Bruce Levenson Invests In Media And Press Sectors

Bruce Levenson is a personality that has made strides in the NBA sports team ownership and media operations. Having co-founded different media companies including UCG, Levenson has actively been involved in the ownership of NBA teams such as Atlanta Hawks and Thrashers. The Washington-born industrialist went to Washington College and later joined Law School at the American University for his professional studies.

A role he served when at the university might have attracted him to venturing in media sector. He was edit in charge of Washington Star when still in college. This may have given him exposure and experience in media sector that allowed him to develop a keen interest in the press.

After graduating from the University, he consulted with Ed Peskowitz where they agreed to set up a small company serving the media sector. This saw the birth of United Communication Group- UCG, a brand that has become a reliable source for news as well as data analysis for a broad spectrum of clients.

Levenson was among the co-founding individuals that formed the TechTarget company, which also operates in the media scene. TechTarget offers services in the areas of brand advertising and online content creation. Levenson was the serving Governor of a team he and his colleague Ed Peskowitz owned since 2004. This was the Atlanta Hawks team where Time’s Levenson served as the Governor representing the team in NBA Board of Governors.

United Communication Group- UCG came into operations in 1977 when Levenson met Ed Peskowitz and decided to have a startup in the media sector. They formed this company and started running it in a storeroom. It is a humble beginning that has seen the company became an acclaimed brand in the media world.

Levenson owned the storeroom where UCG first operated, and it was situated in Maryland’s Gaithersburg. In fact, the storeroom was in an apartment owned by Levenson. UCG started by producing a newsletter, which published stories covering the development being witnessed in the oil industry. This newsletter was called Oil Express, a name that matched with the industry it was covering.

UCG continued to grow and today, it has transformed into a major source of news information, and market data and analysis. The newsletter provides resourceful information to businesses across a wide range of sectors, for example, it feeds news and data to businesses within the technology sector.

It also covers the healthcare and energy. UCG has been providing news, analysis, and data resources to the telecommunications and banking sectors. Its operations have widened to cover the mobile world, and now it has come up with an app, which helps motorists to enjoy lower fuel prices.

GasBuddy is an app, which drivers can use when they are on the road to know the next pump station, which is offering the lowest price on its gas product. Recently, Levenson and the co-founding owners of Hawks basketball team sold out the controlling interest in the team to another group headed by Tony Ressler. The Atlanta Hawks was bought at $850 million by Ressler’s team.

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