Brazilian Financial Expert Igor Cornelsen Offers Advice About Investing in His Country

In a recent article, Brazilian banker Igor Cornelsen offers solid advice to investors interested in Brazil. The world’s eighth largest economy seems well poised for increased growth in 2015, says the noted financial advisor. He bases this evaluation largely on the potential for infrastructure growth in what is South America’s largest economy. Additionally, there is the presence of an abundance of natural resources. In fact, Brazil has so many products that some are not even available to the outside world. Cornelsen sees much potential in this economy.

There is a downside. The article sees the continued populist economic policies of President Dilma Rousseff as a negative. GDP growth has been at a rate of only about 2% on average over the last six years. Rousseff demonstrates an intent to stay the course that the article perceives as slowing the once-rapid pace of growth.

Nevertheless, Cornelsen says that the upsides outweigh this problem. Brazil remains a smart investment choice for 2015. Those with some inside knowledge of how the system works will do best, he believes. Thus, Cornelsen offers three important tips for anyone hoping to invest and profit in the Brazilian economy.

The advice for investors is as follows:

  • Meet locals because most business takes place on a personal level.
  • Accept that there is a lot of bureaucracy involved in every transaction.
  • Be prepared for varying foreign currency transaction rates set by the government.

Anyone hoping to profit from the growth in Brazil should read Igor Cornelsen’s article in detail at

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  1. Luna Maxton says:

    I believe that if people like Igor Cornelsen were really Brazilians and the country’s governments would be serious about their views on money. Also review marks the distinction between what the countries that shut it down and make it really big bring to the world. I think that their currency transaction rates would improve with the inclusion.

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