Brazil, the Land of Many Lawyers

Brazil is indeed a home to many lawyers, approximately 321,885 lawyers as of 2010 as well as several law schools that produce almost 197,664 law students. The Brazilian law students go through a rigorous law course to become full-pledged lawyers. The competition is quite high hence those who qualify to be lawyers in this country are very competent. The country attained its independence in the year 1822 from Portugal. The Brazilian Bar Association was founded in 1930; this body regulates and monitors the legal profession in Brazil. University law graduates who want to study law must register with the OAB in order to represent clients in the courtrooms. The OAB is fully independent of the government but has a few public powers including the disciplinary on its members. As of 2013 the OAB had 847,021 registered and active lawyers.

After five years in law school, the practicing law students take the Bar examination that occurs every March, August and December nationally. The Order of Attorneys of Brazil foresees this national examination. The examination is administered in two phases that is the multiple choice test and the written test. The Brazilian law majorly derives from the Portuguese, French, German and Italian customary law. Their constitution is unique in such a way that it organizes the country in the Federal States. Each State can adopt its own constitution and laws that comprise of 26 Federate States. The Brazilian law system is based on statutes where only the Supreme Court has the mandate to publish binding rules. For some decades, the law of Brazil has been that of its colonizer Portugal until the country’s independence when it later enforced its Federal Constitution in 12st October 1988. The Constitution dissects the country into the 26 federate states that are at liberty to adopt their Constitutions and laws. The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the country created by the indissoluble union of municipalities and the states as well as the Federal District.

To litigate the rights of citizens stipulated in the constitution, one needs an experienced lawyer who extensively understands the intricacies of the law and litigation process in Brazil. Such lawyers are apt at recognizing the constitutional parameters and guidelines. Among the lawyers who have attained acclaimed success in the civil and federal courts is the notable Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Mr. Tosto is a one of the strategists and most powerful lawyers of all times in the Brazilian legal system. He is well-known as a guru in the adoption of numerous legal mechanisms that have been implemented in the Brazilian legal system. His performance as a corporate lawyer has been pleasing to an extent that public personalities, large corporations, and organizations hail his name for giving them outstanding results in their cases. Mr. Tosto’s clients know that he has comprehensive experience in the corporate legal field as well as in the courtroom. He knows the ropes and has been considered the corporate litigation gold standard across Brazil.

Mr. Tosto manages his law firm that is among the largest and experienced firms in Brazil.

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