Brady is a Liar


When Tom Brady of the New England Patriots laughed upon hearing the news that his team was coming under fire under allegations that they purposely deflated footballs in the AFC championship to gain a competitive advantage over the Indianapolis Colts, he would be making a much stronger statement than he had intended. Brady responded to the news by laughing almost hysterically and stating that he had now heard everything before, but since then he has realized that this is a very serious situation. This, however, didn’t stop him from holding back laughter while possessing one of the smuggest and guiltiest grins in NFL history in his press conference to answer questions about the allegations on Thursday. It has become increasingly apparent that Brady absolutely had something to do with the allegations that are now being referred to as deflate gate. Some of the best quarterbacks of all time are weighing in on the situation and all of them have vast knowledge as to how quarterbacks in the NFL prepare for football games with the individual balls that they use. All of them have agreed that the head coach does not have anything to do with the PSI that the footballs are going to be used at and all of them have suggested or flat out stated that Tom Brady knew what was going on without a shadow of a doubt. I think Brady is going to have to come clean or  Roger Goodell needs to smash Tom Brady with a hefty punishment. Lee Slaughter even started a way to make sure Brady gets a fine see

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