Blake Shelton Chats with Fallon about Partying with Kelly Clarkson and Others

Recently, on a jaunt to Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show, country singer Blake Shelton regaled the host with tales of his time living it up with fellow Voice judges Adam Levine and Kelly Clarkson. One of his funniest stories involved being pulled over by a police officer while with his aforementioned friends. The trouble started after a Maroon 5 show that was located close to Blake Shelton’s house in Oklahoma.


According to Shelton, the Maroon 5 frontman had quite a different reaction to being pulled over than his cast mates did. While Clarkson teased the police officer about his mustache and Shelton demanded to know why they had been pulled over in the first place, Levine stewed and seemed fearful. Shelton attributed Levine’s reaction to the fact that he’s from Los Angeles, where the culture is to immediately obey the police. In L.A., people tend not to question the police. However, Shelton indicated that being pulled over in Oklahoma is quite a different experience. The way he sees it, those who are pulled over have a right to debate. Fallon seemed very amused by the tale. Yet again, it was a way in which these two TV friends could not be more different. For years now, fans have loved to watch the funny interactions of these opposites-and this story was no exception to the rule.

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