Billionaire and Worldwide Vijay Eswaran Overcomes Challenges to Succeed

When you see a multi-billion dollar company in operation, you rarely think about how the company came into being. Chances are it’s beginnings were humble and started very similar to Vijay Eswaran’s international conglomerate of companies called the QI Group.

Success for QI Group with a Capital “S”

Today, Dr. Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, which consists of many corporations, but the beginning goes back to 1998. This established businessman, along with his partner began a subsidiary called QNET, and in less than 20 years this Asian company has offices around the globe including the UAE. When nothing was built yet, Dr. Eswaran envisioned an innovative company that would utilize the global reach of the Internet, merging together with the power of traditional direct sales.

So, the origins of QI were formed from this vision, and his partners and himself merged what had already been tried in direct selling and business, and putting it on an e-commerce platform. Now, he had the basic design, and what he needed to do was fill in the missing pieces.

Like many small business owners, nothing seemed to go as it was planned. Dr. Eswaran said he had no real support, either from family or friends because of the incredible economic crisis that covered Asia at that time. But, the key component was that Vijay believed in himself, and he knew that he was not meant to be working his entire life for someone else. With this entrepreneur spirit deeply instilled, he began his quest as a worldwide entrepreneur, fighting failures and setbacks, but always getting back up to move forward. Here’s a link to Vijay Eswaran’s Twitter page.

Challenges Mean Growth

This is how Vijay Eswaran began his journey as an entrepreneur, and he firmly believes that the struggles and trials in his pathway were chances to learn and advance. Today, he is one of the world’s top 40 businesses in the direct selling field. He admits he still has challenges, but they are at a higher level today and he is still learning from them His companies are controversial because many aren’t aware or understand this worldwide conglomerate. ( profile)

Seven years into his project, Vijay his partner were unfairly punished by a false accusation. He calls these days the darkest he has experienced, but his he is fighting back to have their names cleared. Despite the fact that many years have passed since that incident, the shadow of controversy continues to follow. Today, I see our success as much in the challenges as the successes; there is light to the shadow. Dr. Vijay Eswaran sees this philosophy both in his personal and professional life and by the way, he is a billionaire.

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