Beyond A Pretty Picture

Discussing art can be complex as it does and is many things. It can even inspire a life and encourage one to achieve great things. Art can encourage passion and one to take action.

For many people, they thrive on art due to the way it makes them feel. Sometimes a bit of these feelings may impact them to design their own masterpiece which could range from dancing, enrolling in art school to setting goals to be a real estate tycoon! Art can virtually be what anyone desires it to be. The wonderful thing is that art allows one to visualize what is outside of the image that is drawn, letting one’s mind and thinking to steer where it might not normally. Of course not all art can make one feel great, instead some works may cause individuals to feel uncomfortable. This can result from perhaps viewing abstract because its pieces do not portray anything or anyone that is fixed or definite.

When one ponders the idea that art can be motivating, one of the first people to come to mind is Adam Sender. This hedge fund manager of Exis Capital may have been aided in investment selections from the inspiration he received as some pieces surround him and his many computer monitors while he was out on the trading floor in his New York City Office. He seems to have been born with an inside ability to choose great contemporary pieces of art, just like the investments he has chosen in his successful career.

Like choosing a hedge fund with high performance, Adam Sender has selected works that have assisted him in owning one of the most diverse and large art collections done by up and coming artists. One of the pieces that are owned by this young buyer of contemporary art is by Cindy Sherman, called Untitled #93 (Sherman however refers to it as The Black Sheets). It is an amusing photo of a woman who appears to have woken up in bed but is still painfully suffering from a hangover so she is contemplating to pull her bedsheets back to cover her head (Sender bought this in 1998). Sender also owns Commissioned Painting: A Painting by Edgar Transue created by John Baldessari, known for merging language and photography into many of his unique works.

As one works at buying, selling or just enjoying art, it is important to review the value that is incorporated into owning a one of a kind creation that may feed one’s soul, allow grace into an environment and uplift a spirit. Art can definitely be a unique form of communication stemming from one human to another allowing us to thrive!

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