Best Rated Late Night Show

Late night television has always been a very popular television source that has provided people with entertainment and plenty of political satire. For the past few decades there has always been at least a few shows that have competed for the top ratings prize. While there continue to be several major late night television programs to choose from, one show has continued to build its ratings and is now the leader by a large margin (

For the past few years, Late Show With Stephen Colbert has continued to be the leader in the television ratings. He has continued to build on this gap and he is now well ahead of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which is in a distant second place.

According to a recent study, the Colbert show has jumped by more than 20% in total ratings over the past year alone. Over the past quarter, he has had nearly 4 million viewers on a nightly basis. This is a very big lead over Jimmy Fallon, which is averaging around 2.7 million viewers on a nightly basis. The third place show, which is led by Jimmy Kimmel, has about 2.3 million viewers every night.

While all of these ratings are dynamic and will change on a regular basis, it is clear that Colbert has continued to be the most popular choice with viewers. Part of this may be due to his consistent battle against President Donald Trump, which has included receiving public criticism from the President.

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