Beneful: My Favorites

For years now I have been feeding my two Pitt Bulls the Beneful brand of dog food. I have continued to feed this brand for so long because my boys love it, and I find that it provides them with a great tasting, nutritionally complete product that gives them adequate nutrition. I try to keep Sativa and JoJo’s diet versatile, and with the line of Beneful dry and wet dog food options, I can easily do this. I will admit that I am partial to some of the Beneful products than I am others. Here are my three faves (and I really think that, if my dogs could talk, they would agree with me.):

1. Beneful Incredibles
Beneful Incredibles is available in both chicken and beef flavors. I try to rote the flavors to keep my dog interested. This is one of my favorites because it tastes great to both dogs –they eat it up so quickly. And, it provides 100% of the daily needed nutrients. This dog food is great for small dogs and large ones alike, with great chunky mixtures for your dog’s pleasure.

2. Beneful Chopped Blends
First, Chopped Blends is available on in three varieties, including the Chicken, Tomatoes and Carrots blend; the Beef, rice, tomatoes and carrots blend; and the Salmon blend. I think that JoJo prefers the Beef while Sativa loves the Salmon more than anything. I love that this dog food is moist and tender and has a great smell and taste that my dogs love.

3. Healthy Smiles Dental Twists
Okay, so this is not actually dog food, but instead one of the awesome Beneful on twitter treats available. I love to read my pets, and they love the reward for their good behavior. the dental treats not only offer your et a great reward, they also keep the teeth clean and the breath smelling fresh. They’re also very affordable.

Final Thoughts
Beneful is a rand that I have trusted to provide the extra members of my family with tasty, complete nutrient for so long now. The products listed above are my three faves. I know that you will develop your own favorites as you get to know the various products in the Beneful line. This brand has what you want and need to keep your pet healthy! I love it.

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