Beneful and End Results

Raising dogs is not easy. However according to Beneful on Twitter, they are not four-legged versions of people. Dogs are their own breed, and the popular athletic dogs we know today were probably bred for specific reasons. Traditionally, throughout the centuries, dogs were not pets, and many homes had no dog at all. Dogs were mostly bred for hunting or protection, but never as a pet to be solely a companion for humans. I am still that way in my thinking today. This is in spite of the fact that some dogs are bred solely for companionship and looks. This drive to have animals for this reason is why we have so many breeds of dogs today, and it also the reason that many of these dogs have intrinsic health issues that cause them to live very labored lives in spite of their owners thoughts to the contrary. Breeding for utilitarian purposes not only included breeding a dog to enhance natural instincts like pointing or herding, they were also bred according to the standards of those that follow good animal husbandry practices.

This means breeding dogs to improve the breed, and this is the only reason most credible kennel clubs will give to someone breeding or looking to breed dogs for whatever reason. In traditional animal husbandry, animals were bred to be hardy, and dogs with diseases or issues would be eliminated from the pool of breeding. They also breed to prevent issues in birth. None of these good characteristics are even considered with some of today’s breeders that put looks over the dog’s health or breeding to better a specific breed. Many of these toy breeds and lap breeds have breathing issues and issues with delivering puppies because these issues have been allowed to remain in the gene pool because they coincide with specific looks. For instance, no dog should be kept in purses and carried everywhere. However, that is a very stringent trend today. Additionally, many of these dogs have digestive issues, natural allergies and even diabetes that adversely affect their entire lives for their entire, short lifespans.

We breed dogs to be hardy and disease free. The breed that we have has some incidences of hip issues, but we only take healthy dogs that are certified 100 percent free of the disease. We also plan potential breeding sessions very well to prevent causing or proliferating any intrinsic issues. Because I also use my dogs around the farm and in hunting, I know issues that occur in dogs that are highly active and healthy that I will eliminate if they present themselves. By following all of these standards and even more, I am constantly improving the breed. The proof is in the looks, health and vigor of my dogs. However, good genes and good breeding would not help if I did not feed them complete, full nutrition. I feed Beneful, and I also send it out when new owners pick up their puppies. I explain to not expect my results without using the Beneful.

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