Ben Stiller And Christine Taylor Separate After 17 Years

After 17 years of matrimony, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor have announced their impending divorce. After working together on an abortive television pilot that never made it to the airwaves, Stiller and Taylor were married in Hawaii in 2000. Celebrities often have difficulties making their marriages last for the long-term. In this context, it is remarkable that Stiller and Taylor managed to last as long as they did. In a joint statement, these two implied that their split was amicable and that they would work together to do what was in the best interests of their children.


Entertainment journalists have covered this development with interest. While some might question whether or not journalists should take such an interest in the private lives of celebrities, this dynamic is simply a part of love we must deal with one way or another. While it is regrettable to see any marriage fall apart, it is fortunate that Taylor and Stiller can maintain amicable relations during this difficult time for them.


After all, it is generally quite difficult for children to cope when their parents become involved in a controversial, fraught custody dispute. In all likelihood, Stiller and Taylor are genuinely motivated by a desire to protect the interests of their children. I wish more celebrities were willing to act in an appropriate manner. By taking the high road, I feel that Stiller and Taylor are setting a fine example for up-and-coming celebrities who are still learning the ropes of having a public life.


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