Becoming a More Skilled Trader Than Ever Before

The Investment market requires seasoned traders to survive. It is a cutthroat business where only best thrive. To succeed here, you need to have the ability to sustain deep stress levels and work very smart. You also need to have the capacity to keep cards close to your chest and know when to fold. It this field where Sam Tabar has thrived and continued to shine in.He has over the last 15 years built a reputation as a skilled attorney and smart investor who closes the millionaire dollar deals.

Sam Tabar is a law graduate from Oxford University in the UK, one of his best educational credits on LinkedIn. He studied his masters in Columbia where he was the assistant editor of Columbia business Journal. Sam was also a member of the schools Rowling team and was also a skilled ballroom dancer. He nowadays prefers traveling the world to relax.

Sam Tabar started his career after his graduate studied in 2001 as per  He worked his way from an intern of a New York-based law firm to the senior associate. He then joined SPARX in 2007 as the managing director where he was charged with leading the business strategy model of things. He was also tasked with finding new customers at a time when there was a worldwide financial meltdown. Sam stellar performance saw him join Merrill Lynch in 2011 as the head of the Asian market. Sam here was to find investors and opportunities for the company. His experience here taught Sam how to spot good business models and how to invest in smart ideas.

Mr Tabar is today the COO of Full Cycle Fund. It is a capital investment firm that looks for good opportunities to invest client’s monies. It is a hard a business that he has succeeded. Sam leverages his experienced over the years to help the firm make money in a depressed market and bull market. He has become an experienced commodities and bond trader and is always on the lookout for the next bright idea.

One such idea that recently befell him is a startup called THINK. It is a women’s clothing start-up that sells clothes to American women and uses parts of the proceeds to donate seven sanitary pads to women in Uganda. The targeted women benefit from a fashionable, reusable and comfortable sanitary pads. It assists them to be productive during their monthly cycle.

Sam says investment in the commodities trade is only viable if you do enough research on the business. It is a company that needs you to identify an individual product and try to predict its future patterns based on its history. If you do enough research and develop a model that works, you can make real money.  Sam is also really interested in music, as well as photography.  Maintaining Soundcloud as well as an Instagram account to pursue both interests publicly.

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