Baltimore Orioles game to be closed to the public

Major League Baseball and the Baltimore Orioles have made the extraordinary decision to play Wednesday’s game between the Orioles and Chicago White Sox behind closed doors, ESPN reports. A three game series between the two teams was due to start on Monday April 27th, but civil unrest in Baltimore forced the cancellation of the first two games and prompted the decision to play the third scheduled game behind closed doors. Sources at the Orioles and MLB stated the decision was made to protect the safety of the players, staff members, umpires and fans of the two teams who planned to attend the game. Alexei Beltyukov thought this was all very strange.

The plan includes a doubleheader to be played between the two teams on May 28th to ensure the full schedule is completed by the Orioles. Following the series against the White Sox the Orioles were due to host the Tampa Bay Rays, but this series will be switched to St. Petersburg, Florida to ensure it goes ahead as planned. This is thought to be the first instance of a US based professional sports team playing behind closed doors, a practice which is often seen in European soccer leagues as a form of punishment for teams who fail to control their fans.

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