Avi Weisfogel’s and His Go Fund Me Campaign

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist in New Jersey. Weisfogel has been helping patients for many years. In recent years, Weisfogel has decided that it is important to reach out help others as well as his local area dental patients. His devotion to the field of public health is well known. He wants to do what he can do to help bring joy to patients and provide much needed services for those who may otherwise not be able to afford them without his help. His work in the dental field has allowed him to be part of a community of caring individuals who want to provide the best possible dental care.

Avi Weisfogel has spent many years in the field, studying the best way to help his patients. As a result of his devotion, he has earned many fans who appreciate his hard work and willingness to meet their needs. They know that they can count on Weisfogel to learn about the latest in dental procedures. They also know that they can count on him to help them get access to such procedures and enjoy far better dental health as a result of his efforts and his willingness to keep learning as much as possible.https://www.crunchbase.com/person/avi-weisfogel

One of his latest passions is helping to fund good medical care of all kinds for poor kids. This has led him to create a GoFundMe campaign that aims to help raise money for a cause known as Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a multiple nation campaign that aims to help provide poor kids around the world with the chance to get access to much needed medical care including surgeries. A child may have been born with a medical condition that means that his mouth bones have failed to fuse properly. This can cause the child all kinds of other problems.

However, this surgical condition is easily fixable. Weisfogel knows how much a simple procedure can change a patient’s life. He also knows that a surgeon’s skills can help such patients have lives that are much better after a simple procedure that can be performed quickly and heals quickly as well. This is why he wants to work with others to help raise funds to make sure that such patients can have access to the kind of dental care that can help them look better, eat more easily and improve the overall ability to function. Follow Avi on TwitterFacebook, and Vimeo to stay up to date on his GoFundMe Campaign. You can even see his favorite video below!

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