Arianna Grande Grants Jimmy Fallon the Interview that Everyone Was Waiting For

It only seems natural for people like Ariana Grande to light up the show when she comes to a show like the Jimmy Fallon show. She has proven that she has the ability to entertain a crowd, and Jimmy Fallon gave her the entire floor to do this.

Everyone that is a fan of Ariana Grande knows that she has been away from the spotlight for a moment. When close to two dozen people were killed in the concert that she had in Manchester in 2017 this really took a hold of Ariana Grande. She did a benefit concert, but she did not want to do any interviews about the event because she was so distraught after this happened.

They were more than thrilled to see the old Ariana Grande back in Action. She seemed bubbly and full of life at some times, and she was able to really channel the energy that she is known for.

There were moments when she was a little sad during the interview when the story about the concert bombing was mentioned, but she has definitely become someone that has become much more confident after all that she has gone through. She knows that there are a lot of eyes on her, and she wanted to get the message out that she was not going to let hate win. This is message that Ariana Grande wanted to bring, and she also wanted to have fun with singing. Jimmy Fallon allowed all of this happen.

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