Anthony Toma’s Advice To Future Nine9 Clients

Anthony Toma’s Advice To Future Nine9 Clients

Considering the insight from a recent interview with Anthony Toma, it is apparent that an acting or modeling career will have its uphill battles, however, Anthony claims it makes all the difference by being the most prepared candidate in the room. Toma grants a valuable learning opportunity through six specific tips regarding networking, education, headshots, consistent audition appearances, realistic expectations, and most importantly, seeking out others for help.

Within this article, Anthony Toma details each one of these aspects intricately enough so that any aspiring actor or model can apply each tip to their current circumstance. In both industries, it’s significant to network. Networking can allot the ascension of more notoriety among your industry. A larger contact pool will also give you more people to reach out to when you have a question. Education holds importance at all levels. Toma suggests that there is no height to the amount of knowledge one can gain. Headshots are primordial for visual exposure and professional representation.

Regarding realistic expectations, it’s imperative to recognize that even a small opportunity could be a large one. Stay diligent. Don’t take any offer for granted. In order to find the highest level of success, you need to ask questions when you don’t have the answer yourself. You could try to figure it all out yourself, however, it would save a lot of time if you just ask somebody who has been in your position before, and succeeded. Nine9 is widely known as a “UnAgency” unlike any other talent agency, paying specific attention to the 99% that are currently unrepresented and distanced from due exposure. Nine9 is a beneficiary to any individual seeking professional assistance in launching an acting or modeling career.

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