Anthony Mackie Surprised on Fallon

There is never a dull moment on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Actor Anthony Mackie discovered this for himself during a a recent appearance on The Tonight Show. It was supposed to be just another game of Karate Piñata, but it ended up becoming so much more. None other than The Karate Kid legend Ralph Macchio joined the squad for a special appearance celebrating the YouTube Red series coming out in late April.

For those who are unaware of the ways of Karate Piñata, it’s a fairly simple game. Each person is blindfolded and then stands in the ring with four of the festive ornaments swirling around them. Each player is given 20 seconds to showcase their skills, and the best man wins. In this case, Mackie was initially very optimistic about his chances. After all, he is in excellent shape—and an action star himself. However, when Macchio emerged as his competitor, he seemed to understand that he was terribly outmatched.

Predictably, the game went down in a very entertaining way. Although Mackie was able to knock down an impressive two piñatas, he was no match for Ralph Macchio. The original Karate Kid not only managed to knock down all four, but he even found time to strike a pose during his last strike. Although time goes by, it would appear that Macchio has not been slacking on his sensational skills since his starring turn decades ago.

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